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Do you know an Onyx or an Oswin?

29th December 2017 

The most unusual baby names for 2017 have been revealed….and many of them have exciting meanings behind them.

If you’re thinking about baby names for your twins, triplets and more, choosing any of these will almost guarantee you’ll only have one child in the playground turn their head when you shout them.

The Office of National Statistics recently announced that Olivia and Oliver were the two most popular names in England and Wales. You can read more about the most popular names in our other blog.

But the most unusual names for British babies include Tiger, Oracle and Onyx for girls and Ajax, Thibault and Jools for boys. The list of names below were registered just three times in Britain in 2016 (according to Mumsnet), which makes them very unique. 

Some of the names also have powerful meanings too. Tadgh means ‘philosopher’, Oswin means ‘divine friend’ while Oakleigh is an old English term meaning ‘oak-filled meadow’.

As for the girls’ names, Sonali is a Bengali term for ‘beautiful colour’, Noam is Hebrew and means ‘pleasantness’ and Adalie is a German name meaning ‘noble’.

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