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Embrace the mess and get stuck into weaning

15th August 2018

Are you approaching weaning your babies and wondering how you’ll wean more than one baby? Do you need to start weaning them both at the same time? When should you start weaning your babies? What is baby led weaning?

The answer to these questions and many more can be found in our brand new weaning factsheet and weaning webinar. They aim to support parents with twins or more to embrace weaning their babies.

Parents also share their experiences ‘Try and keep calm as they feel your stress and it makes things more difficult. They are different babies and will take to it differently but they’ll both get there in the end’

‘I started my daughter first and then my son about three weeks later. By waiting it meant he was able to be weaned more quickly as I didn’t take it as slowly as I did with my daughter. Within a week or two they were at the same stage.

The factsheet also shares some top tips for parents, so if you’re thinking about weaning or want to learn more about it for when your babies are ready, have a good read. It’ll be messy (for them and for you!) but get stuck in and enjoy it!

Don’t forget to tell us how you get on and please do share those gorgeous baby weaning faces on our social media channels – we love seeing them!

Thanks to everybody that helped make the factsheet possible, your continued support is very much appreciated!

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