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Winner of Tamba’s Writing Competition 2016                                                                   

15th November 2016

Tamba is excited to announce the winner of our first ever Writing Competition.

Back in October we invited teenagers to write a poem or story on the theme of “Being a Teenage Twin/Triplet/Multiple”. The deadline for entries to the contest was last week (6 November 2016) which marked the start of Multiple Birth Awareness Week.

Our judges loved reading the submissions and chose Charlotte Elliott’s poem “Inspire” as the winner.

Charlotte, who is 15, told us: “There isn’t much I can say about myself that doesn’t in some way involve my two sisters Phoebe and Kelsey. They have grown up beside me and despite the constant bickering we have developed much of the same tastes. This poem is written about them, for them, because I love them and couldn’t imagine a world without them by my side.”

Congratulations to Charlotte. Her poem will be featuring in our Multiple Matters magazine next year.



It is my sisters who inspire me; qualities, flaws and all,

how their personalities are positive, and how they smile when they fall,             

how their singing brings joy to the room, how they’re loyal to their friends,

how they always keep your secrets, and how their support never ends.


It is my sisters who inspire me, with their success at school,

how they’re both amazing scientists, and awesome at netball,

how having a laugh is natural, and serious arguments are rare,

how even animals want to be their friend, with their love and their care.


It is my sisters who inspire me, how they always get things done,

how they present themselves with confidence, but know when to have fun,

how they are always there for me, whether I’m depressed, worried or mad,

how they are awesome sisters every day, if I’m honest, being a triplet is not bad.


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