How My Cashback Cards work

How it works

My Cashback Cards provides members with a great way of making the most of your money. You can save in a unique way when shopping on the high street and in many cases online. It also helps with monthly budgeting as well!

By using your Reloadable Shopping Cards for regular purchases, you can earn Cashback of between 3% and 12.5% when shopping with major retailers including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Debenhams, B&Q, Pizza Express, H Samuel, Argos, and many more.

  1. Begin by visiting My Cashback Cards (via Multiple Savings) and sign up to register for the scheme, entering a Tamba reference code.
  2. You will receive an email to enable you to activate your account. You can choose your favourite My Cashback Cards to be posted to you.
  3. Once received, you can activate them and load funds on to your cards.
  4. Every time you load funds onto your cards, the Cashback of between 3% and 12.5% will be paid into your Cashback Account.
  5. Once the Cashback reaches £5, it can then be loaded back onto your cards to pay for more shopping or allow it to accumulate to pay for special occasions such as holidays or Christmas.

Tamba members, please log into Tamba Multiple Savings and search ‘Cashback’ to access the My Cashback Cards scheme and more information about how to start saving.