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Joining a twins and multiples club can be a great source of support for parents of twins, triplets and multiples. In the video below, parents of multiples talk about the benefits of joining their local club.

This is the only up to date register anywhere on the internet. All the clubs listed below are registered with Tamba.  We regularly update their contact details and we keep all member clubs updated on the latest campaigns, research and best practice in relation to multiple birth children and their families. 

To find your nearest club, click on our interactive map below, or scroll down to view a list of regions. 

Local clubs are groups of volunteers, parents of twins and triplets who get together to provide mutual support and friendship across the UK. Each club is independent and operates under its own rules but all those listed here sign up to our suggested Best Practice. Commonly clubs run playgroups, evening events and second hand equipment sales. Being a member of a local club does not mean you are automatically a member of Tamba and if you want to support your charity and enjoy the many benefits of membership then you will need to join.

If you have any problems accessing this information, or would like phone numbers for multiples club contacts, please call the Tamba office on 01252 332344.

Click on our interactive map to find a club near you

You can also search for your nearest twins and multiples club by selecting your region from the list below. 

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