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North West England - Twins and Multiples Clubs


Mad About Multiples

Postcode: WA5

E: madaboutmultiples@hotmail.com

W: Facebook

Mid Cheshire Twins Club 

Postcode: CW8

E: admin@midcheshiretwins.org

W: www.midcheshiretwins.org or Facebook



Cumbria Multiples Group  

Postcode: CW5


W: Facebook


Kendal Twins Group 


Postcode: LA9

E: kendaltwinsgroup@outlook.com

W: Facebook


High Peak Twins and Multiples Club 

Postcode: SK23

E: highpeaktwinsclub@hotmail.co.uk

W: Facebook


Greater Manchester 

 Littleborough Twins and Multiple Birth Group

Postcode: OL15

E: daniellelaw81@live.co.uk

W: www.multitastic.org

Marple and District Twins Club

Postcode: SK6

E: marpletwins@yahoo.co.uk

W: Facebook


Postcode: OL3

E: melissaanddavidsmith@hotmail.co.uk

W: https://www.oldham.gov.uk or Facebook

Stockport Twins Swimming Group and Sensory Sessions 

Postcode: SK1

E: stockporttwins@hotmail.com

W: Facebook


The Ark Multiples Playgroup 


Postcode: WA9

E: arkmultiples@yahoo.com

W: Facebook

Twins Group

Postcode: WA14

E: bowdonandhalecc@trafford.gov.uk

E:  broadheatanddunham@trafford.gov.uk


Isle of Man 

Isle of Man Twins Club  

Postcode: IM3

E: teamthomasrd@yahoo.co.uk

W: Facebook



North West Twins and Triplets 

Postcode: PR2

E: rachelberry87@hotmail.co.uk

W: Facebook

Pear Tree Children's Centre  

Postcode: PR4

E: e.bickerstaffe@lancashire.gov.uk

W: n/a

Rossingdale and Bury Twins  

Postcode: BB4

E: info@twindipity.co.uk

W: www.twindipity.co.uk

Terrific Twins 

Postcode: PR2

E:  Shadha.Rungta@lancashire.gov.uk

W: www.lancashire.gov.uk/prestonchildrenscentres


South Liverpool (Home-Start) Multiple Birth Group  

Postcode: L8

E: homestart.south@btconnect.com

W: www.home-startliverpool.org.uk or Facebook

Twins and Multiples @ Blacon Children's Centre  

Postcode: CH1

E: heather.jones@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk

W: www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk or Facebook

Wirral Twins Group 

Postcode: CH41

E: laurawai123@hotmail.com

W: Facebook


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