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Discounted webinars for clubs

We're offering Tamba-registered clubs discounted places on our Multiple Behaviour and Sleep webinars, for group bookings.

Get your webinars for a reduced price when you book a minimum of 10 places.

You can have 10+ places on our popular Behaviour webinar or 10+ places on our Sleep webinar. Or, you can mix it up and have 10 or more places across both webinars, eg five places on each. The webinars are each divided into two parts, and are held regularly throughout the year.

10 places cost £150 in total, reduced from £250, or £25 each, if your members were to sign up as individuals. Payment must be made in advance of the webinars as a single group payment.

To enquire about a group booking for your club, please contact the Support Team via support-team@tamba.org.uk or give us a call on 01252 332344.

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