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Wales - Twins and Multiples Clubs

Aberystwyth Twins and Multiples Club

Postcode: SY23  

E:  aberystwythtwinsmultiplesclub@gmail.com

W: abermultiples.wordpress.com and Facebook

Cardiff Twins Club 

Postcode: CF23

E: cardifftwinsclub@gmail.com

W: www.cardifftwinsclub.btck.co.uk and Facebook


Monmouthshire Multiples 


Postcode: NP16

E: monmouthshiremultiples@yahoo.com

W: Facebook

North Wales Multiple Births Parents Group  

Postcode: LL11

E: fis@wrexham.gov.uk

W: Facebook


Pontyclun Twins Club 


Postcode: CF72

E: charlottedavi5@hotmail.com

W: Facebook

The Vale Twins & Multiples Club


Postcode: CF71



Twinability Parent and Toddler Group 

Postcode: CF11

E: twinability@hotmail.co.uk

W: http://www.mamboplay.com and Facebook

Twin-kle Twin-kle Twin Group Bridgend

Postcode: CF35

E: twinklebridgend@aol.com

W: Facebook

Twins and Triplets Club 

Postcode: SA5

E: amanda.cutliffe@swansea.gov.uk

W: n/a

Twin Parents in Ceredigion & Surrounding Areas 

Postcode: SA44

E: angscarlet@hotmail.co.uk

W: Facebook

Twins Group- South Wales 

Postcode: CF72

E: info@twinsgroup.co.uk

W: www.twinsgroup.co.uk and Facebook


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