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Yorkshire and Humber - Twins and Multiples Clubs


 Twin Club Hull 

Postcode: HU9

E: twinclubhull@hotmail.co.uk

W: www.twinclubhull.co.uk or Facebook

North Yorkshire

Harrogate Twins & Multiples 

Postcode: HG1  

E: harrogatetwinsandmultiples@gmail.com

W: http://www.northyorks.gov.uk/article/30457/Harrogate-North-and-town-centre-childrens-centres

 Multitots York  

Postcode: YO32

E: milesk513@gmail.com

W: Facebook

 Ryedale Twin Talk  

Postcode: YO18

E: bevan.rhiannon@gmail.com

W: Facebook

 Twins & More  

Postcode: YO17

E: Justine.Ainley@northyorks.gov.uk

W: N/A

South Yorkshire 


SYMBA (South Yorkshire Twins & Multible Births Association)  

Postcode: S9

E: stmcenquiries@gmail.com

W:  https://symbamultiples.com

Sticky Fingers Twins 

Postcode: S11

E: catherinewiffen@googlemail.com

W: Facebook


West Yorkshire 

Jubilee Twins and More  

Postcode: HD1

E: jubileetwinsandmore@gmail.com 

W: Facebook

Leeds Twins and Multiples 

Postcode: LS8

E: leedsmultiples@hotmail.co.uk

W:  Facebook

Marvellous Multiples Leeds 

Postcode: LS4

E: karla.gibson@nhs.net 


Two Bundles of Joy 

Postcode: WF15

E: lisa@twobundlesofjoy.co.uk

W: www.twobundlesofjoy.com or Facebook


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