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Two women expecting twins attending a Tamba pregnancy course with their partners

Tamba Courses

Pregnancy Courses 

We offer a variety of courses for parents who are expecting multiples, including our one day antenatal classs and our practical preparing for parenthood seminar.

Practical Preparing for Parenthood Class

If you are expecting more than one baby, you probably have lots of questions? What equipment will I need? How will I cope in the early days? How do I feed more than one? These are just some of the questions that will get answered at Tamba’s highly popular 2 hour Practical Preparing for Parenthood Survival Class. The class was written by twin Mum, author, GP and Honorary Consultant, Dr Carol Cooper and is delivered by our team of trained parent facilitators that are all parents of multiples. From just £10 person this is a ‘must attend’ for all expectant parents of multiples.

Preparing for Parenthood 

Practical Preparing for Parenthood Webinar

A chance to hear all of the information above without leaving the comfort of your own home! It’s really simple to join – you only need a computer and speakers. A web cam isn’t needed. So put your feet up, grab a cuppa and prepare for the arrival of your babies. Only £15 for this one hour webinar

Parenting Webinar 

Antenatal Course

When you find out you are expecting more than one baby, you ‘ll probably have lots of questions. Should I go for a C-section or try for a natural birth? What if they arrive early? Will we ever get any sleep again? How can I change or feed twins or more? What if my babies arrive early? This whole day course explores the answers to all these questions and lots more in a friendly, non-judgemental environment. Get up to date, evidence-based information from a qualified midwife or antenatal teacher with multiples expertise. You can get hands-on and learn the practical skills you will need for the early months with your babies. You’ll have lots of support and an ideal opportunity to form an invaluable support network of other parents to share this new, exciting journey in your lives. All this for only £175 per couple. We also run private courses in certain locations.


Antenatal Course 

Second Timers Antenatal Courses

Been there, done it before? But this time it’s more than one baby…so what do you need to know? Tamba’s second timer’s antenatal course covers what influences the type of delivery – vaginal or c-section? How to get out and about with twins/triplet and older children? How to juggle routines with older children. This is a half day course 10am – 1pm with a trained antenatal teacher. You’ll receive pre and post course support, a chance to meet other parents in a similar situation and our popular information booklets. All this for only £80.

Second Timers 

Breastfeeding Class

Thinking about breast feeding? Wondering how you can possibly feed two? Confused by the information on breastfeeding more than one? This three hour workshop has been devised to give parents of multiples the opportunity to identify what might be helpful in establishing and sustaining breastfeeding by exploring the practicalities of breastfeeding two or more babies and reflecting on how this might fit with their own parenting aims. The course will be facilitated by a trained NCT Breastfeeding counsellor and mother of twins and costs just £55 (£90 per couple).

Breastfeeding Class 

Breastfeeding Webinar

If you’d rather not leave the comfort of your own home, sign up for the breastfeeding webinar. The webinar will answer questions on how you can feed more than one and give information on expressing and mixed feeding. The webinars are delivered by an NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor or an NCT Breastfeeding Peer Supporter who are also mothers of multiples. Only £15 for this one hour webinar.

Breastfeeding Webinar 

Parenting Courses 

For parents whose multiples are about to enter pre school/primary school.  

Weaning Webinar

Tamba’s weaning webinar aims to answer the questions that many parents of multiples ask in respect of weaning. This webinar is designed for parents who have twins, triplets or more aged from 3-6 months who will be thinking of weaning in the next few months, or who have recently made a start.. 

Weaning Webinar

Parenting and Behaviour Webinar

If you have multiples aged between 1 and 8, then this webinar is for you! This two part webinar will cover different parenting styles, positive parenting techniques and our top tips. By the end of the session we hope to leave you feeling more confident and better equipped to parent your multiples. This webinar is aimed at parents of multiples,  however, nannies of multiples have attended in the past and found the session very useful and helpful. 

Behaviour Webinar

Sleep Webinar

This two part webinar will cover the theory of sleep, good sleep patterns and practice and offer tips for putting the principles into place for families with sleep challenges using case studies. Our presenter, Helen Rutherford, who works for the Children’s Sleep Charity, which advocates gentle methods to solve sleep issues.  Helen is a sleep specialist and has a wealth of experience in helping families with sleep issues.

Sleep Webinar 


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