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Having twins or more? Listen to our 'Ask the Midwife' webinar

This webinar is available free of charge to everybody that is signed up to our Pregnancy Countdown Tool. Tamba's pregnancy countdown tool provides you with weekly updates on your pregnancy and how your babies are developing. 

Important note: whilst every care is taken to provide information,Tamba does not undertake any liability for any error or omission. Listeners should always seek professional advice from their healthcare practitioner as appropriate to specific circumstances.

Research has shown that those families who have access to a named midwife throughout their pregnancy cope better both during their pregnancy as well as afterwards because they feel better prepared and better supported.

Sadly less than 20% of maternity units have a named specialist midwife for multiples. Families tell us that they would like to have been able to talk to a midwife that had experience of multiples to ask questions that were concerning them. In order to support you we have asked our midwifery experts to put together this webinar of the 13 most frequently asked questions.

Mummy's tummy! Mother expecting twins shows her tummy and holds two heart-shaped signs, one for each twin.

Here are a few of the questions answered on this webinar:

  • How will my pregnancy and care differ from a mother expecting one baby?
  • How do I know my babies are growing well?
  • Is it normal to feel one twin more than the other and how can I best track how my babies are moving?

  • What are the possible complications of a multiple birth pregnancy?

  • What are my options for giving birth and what factors influence this?

10 Reason why listening to this webinar is a great idea

  1. The webinar is accessible from the comfort of your own home so no tiring travelling to deal with.

  2.  It is available to you to listen to a time that suits you and your partner so you can listen together.

  3. The 13 questions are the 13 most frequently asked questions as told to us by both parents to be and healthcare professionals including midwives and antenatal teachers

  4. The webinar is presented by a highly qualified midwife who is not only a specialist in her own right but also a mother of multiples herself.

  5. The webinar is accompanied by a full set of notes for you to read again afterwards.

  6. This webinar complements and supports our existing Tamba multiples antenatal courses and Preparing for Parenthood seminars as well as our popular booklets including ‘The healthy Multiple Pregnancy Guide, Practical Preparing for Parenthood and Neonatal Care Guide’.

  7. It will allow you and your partner to talk through any worries you may have with your partner

  8. You can also put together a list of questions to ask your own healthcare team at your next antenatal appointment.

  9. Listening to this webinar  will help you feel better informed and more empowered

  10. Parents who are better prepared physically and mentally cope more effectively in the early days of parenting and reduce their risk of post-natal depression and complications during pregnancy.

Benefits of listening to a Tamba webinar

  • Listen from the comfort of your own home

  • Presented by highly qualified professionals with experience in multiples

  • Each webinar is accompanied by a set of presentation notes so that you can revisit the content at a later date.

  • Follow up support via asktwinline@tamba.org.uk 

    Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know your thoughts on our Ask the Midiwfe webinar by completing this short survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/askthemidwife

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Information about our presenters, Joanna Fitzsimons and Helen Turier.


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