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Tamba Pregnancy Courses

Tamba Pregnancy courses

Tamba runs a range of courses to help parents to prepare for the arrival of their multiples. Attending a Tamba course is proven to reduce anxiety and help parents cope in the early days, weeks and months with multiples. 

Practical Preparing for Parenthood Survival Classes 

We run 2 hour classes in partnership with parenting expert Dr Carol Cooper in central London. We also run many more classes with trained facilitators throughout the rest of the UK (cost £10 per person). 

Practical Preparing for Parenthood Courses

Multiple Pregnancy Antenatal Classes

We deliver unique one-day courses to help you prepare for the birth and the early days of life with multiples. 

Multiple Pregnancy Antenatal Classes

Second-Timers Antenatal Courses

This three hour course is tailored specifically for parents who are expecting multiples and already have one or more children. 

Second-Timers Antenatal Courses



Scottish Short Antental Sessions 

Find out all about the antenatal courses Tamba runs in Scotland.  

Scottish Short Antenatal Classes

Breastfeeding Classes 

How do you breastfeed when you have more than one? Find out by coming to our breastfeeding for multiples classes.

Breastfeeding Classes


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