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Webinar - Parenting and Behaviour of Twins or More

What is a Tamba Webinar?

A Tamba webinar is a live online presentation that you connect to via the internet.

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Access: All you need is a computer with a speaker, headphones or a telephone connection to hear the presentation.  We’ll email you the log in instructions.

How It Works: Once we have taken your booking and payment you’ll receive an email confirmation with the link to access the webinar. When you “enter” the webinar, you’ll see the session slides and be able to hear the presenter. You can use the chat box at the bottom of the screen to type questions during the webinar.

Benefits for You: Webinars are a cost effective way to transmit and share information. You can listen to the webinar in the comfort of your own home, there’s no need for a babysitter, no travel costs and you can even bring your own cup of tea along too!

If you miss a bit because the children get out of bed, there’s a knock at the door or the phone rings, no problem! We will email you a recording of the presentation and a pdf of the notes so you can listen again at a time that suits you (up to four weeks afterwards).

Multiple Behaviour - Tips and Techniques for Effective Parenting

Do you have multiples aged 1-8?  Are your multiples fighting? Do you find yourself saying “no” and “stop” hundreds of times a day? Are you finding your multiples a bit of a challenge right now? Do you want to learn how to better deal with behaviour problems?

If so, then please do book on to our Multiple Behaviour! - Tips and Techniques for Effective Parenting 2 part webinar.  This webinar will enable you to reconsider your parenting styles, how you view your multiples' behaviour and how best to deal with this behaviour in a positive way. 

Tune into this webinar to find out:

  1.  An introduction to different parenting styles and how  these influence both your behaviour and your multiples behaviour.

  2. An explanation of  positive parenting techniques that can help to foster good behaviour and minimize negative behaviour, such as temper tantrums

  3. Top tips to help you as multiple birth parents feel more confident and better equipped to cope with parenting your multiples

Part 1 covers self reflection including on how you were parented and as a result of this how you would like to parent your children. It also covers the theory behind some parenting techniques. Part 2 is more practical giving examples of how to use parenting techniques through case studies and scenarios.There is a question and answer session at the end of Part 2.

This webinar is aimed at parents of multiples. However we have had nannies of multiples attend it and they have found the webinars very useful and helpful. Preschools and nursery schools who have multiples in their settings may also benefit from attending the webinar.


Testimonials from participants who attended the Parenting and Behaviour webinar and commented on what they found the most useful:

“Strategies dealing with unwanted behaviours and promoting good behaviour.  Learning to talk in a more positive language to my multiples and trying not to say no all the time.”

“Thinking about managing behaviour when one twin is behaving well and the other is not and being reminded that it's hard and to try not to put too much pressure on myself, you always do your best and tomorrow is another day! Fantastic that I could do this webinar from home.” 

"So easy to access, lovely to hear a voice rather than reading something off a page, and the quality of the content has been superb. Although a chunk of what I have heard has been what I'm naturally doing, it's also been empowering (and enjoyable!!) feeling like I'm taking control and doing something positive for my family. Thank you TAMBA!"


About Louise Bowman

Louise Bowman

Louise Bowman is Tamba’s Twinline Co-ordinator.  A qualified nanny and parent education trainer, Louise has over 8 years’ experience in working with challenging behaviour as a Family Outreach Worker.

As a mum of multiples plus one older child herself, Louise knows and understands the challenges multiple parents face.  Combining this expertise along with her experience answering Twinline queries Louise will show us simple techniques that can help make being a parent of multiples easier and more fun.

Due to the wealth of knowledge and experience that Louise has to share with us we have broken this down into 2 parts to make it easier to access.  Be sure to listen to both.  

The webinar costs £25 in total. The next available webinar dates are: 

Tuesday 3rd and 10th October - 8.00 - 9.00pm


Tuesday 30th January and Tuesday 6th February - 8.00 - 9.00pm

Tuesday 17th and Tuesday 24th April - 8.00 - 9.00pm

Tuesday 10th and Tuesday 17th July - 8.00 - 9.00pm

Tuesday 2nd and Tuesday 9th October - 8.00 - 9.00pm


AbbVie has provided sponsorship funding for this webinar series but has not had any input into the development of webinar content

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