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Tamba Parenting Courses

Tamba Parenting Courses for Families with Twins or More

Tamba runs a range of courses for multiples aged 1-8. These include our Multiple Behaviour - Tips and Techniques for Effective Parenting webinar, The Twin Connection - Making Educated Decisions about Raising Multiples webinar and Multiple Choices - Easing the Stress Around Transition to Primary School webinar. Use the links below to see what courses are currently available. 

Education Webinar

Are your multiples starting school or preschool soon? Do you need guidance on choosing the right school? Then see what our education webinars can offer you. 

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Parenting and Behaviour webinar

This two part webinar, that you can connect to from the comfort of your own home. The webinar runs as two hour long sessions, aimed at parents with multiples aged 1-8. This webinar will enable you to reconsider your parenting styles and how you view your multiples' behaviour. 

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Twinline 0800 138 0509. Free support and advice for people expecting twins or already looking after twins.