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Meet the Tamba Facilitators

Meet some of the volunteer facilitators for Tamba's practical preparing for parenthood course. Scroll down and find your course facilitator in the list below. 


Dr Carol Cooper – Central London

I am a doctor, writer and mother of three sons (including identical twins). I am Tamba's honorary consultant in family medicine and the author of a number of childcare and parenting books, including Twins & Multiple Births: the essential parenting guide from pregnancy to adulthood. I devised the Practical Preparing for Parenthood Survival Class for Tamba, and have been delivering the session, with a few updates since 2009, as well as helping to train new facilitators who live around the country. I also enjoys writing fiction, going to the beach, and taking pride in my adult sons.

Alison – Enfield

I have been a qualified NCT Breastfeeding Peer Supporter for over 2 years. I am married with three children, including boy/girl twins who arrived in 2010, following the birth of my eldest daughter in 2006. I am a committee member at my local toddler group, and joined us as a TAMBA facilitator in 2013. I discovered TAMBA when my babies were already 6 months old, I am passionate about raising awareness of TAMBA and what it offers much earlier - supplying information and guidance both before and immediately after the birth of multiples.I never expected to be a proud mummy of three, let alone twins and hope to continue my association with the charity for many years to come.

Jo - Chiswick

I have been a Facilitator for the Practical Preparing for Parenting course in Chiswick since February 2013. I applied to become a Facilitator because these courses didn't exist when I had my twins and I really wished that they had! As people arrive for the start of the seminar there are usually a high percentage of quite worried looking faces but by the end most people seem a lot more relaxed and confident about the future. It's great to be able to provide reassurance to others through my own experiences. I have boy/girl twins that were born in 2007 (conceived through IVF treatment) and a daughter born in 2008 (not IVF!!!). 


Cardiff - Lynsey

My name is Lynsey and I have just started to facilitate for Cardiff. I have non identical twins Jack and Isabella, who were an unplanned surprise born in July 2012. I decided to facilitate as we found the first 6 months hard and want to help other couples to avoid the same pitfalls so they can enjoy the experience. I have found it very helpful going out and about meeting other parents and have become involved in my local twins club.

Sian – Cardiff

Hello my name is Sian Payne, I am a mum to 4 beautiful girls; Grace who is 5 and Identical girl triplets Harriet, Millicent and Felicity. I first found out I was pregnant with triplets at the 11 week dating scan and to say I was surprised is an understatement. I had a few hiccups during pregnancy; a cervical stitch was inserted at 17 weeks and TTT's at 25 weeks. Thankfully the girls were born at 32 weeks and healthy. I work full time and juggle home life and work life as best I can. I am also a volunteer for TAMBA presenting preparing for parenthood seminars in Cardiff. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new parents expecting multiples and sharing a little of the exciting journey. I have also made many friends from these seminars.

South West

Bath - Hannah

I'm Hannah and I have non-identical twin boys who were born in February 2012. I've been volunteering with Tamba as a Twinline listener since March 2013 and I facilitated my first Preparing for Parenthood seminar in March 2015. I also volunteer locally as a breastfeeding peer supporter at the RUH in Bath and as one of the organisers of Bath Multiples Group.

Sarah - Bristol

I'm Sarah & I've been a Tamba facilitator since May 2010. I have 4 children, daughter 16, daughter 10 and girl/boy twins soon to be 9. My second daughter has a rare genetic condition called Prader Willi Syndrome, undiagnosed when I had my happy accident with twins. I was lucky enough to be able to both exclusively breast feed & formula feed my babies to reach exclusively breast feeding for 3. I am a trained breastfeeding peer supporter. I've had 2 emergency & 1 planned cesarean section.I became a facilitator because when I was expecting my twins I was fed up of hearing "this won’t apply to you - you are having twins" or "there's nothing here for multiple birth families". I felt so supported by the Tamba family, real & virtual, that when the opportunity arose to train as a facilitator I applied. I have run about 20 seminars now, reaching approximately an incredible 400 parents to be! I love being part of each new multiple birth family's journey.

Kerstin – Tiverton

Hi, I'm Kerstin and I am a twin mum of three - my son had just turned three when my twin daughters arrived. My twins were born at 35 weeks and weighed 3lbs 3 and 5lbs5, they had a three week stay in neonatal care which necessitated expressing milk, changing tiny nappies through incubator holes and raiding the vending machines for chocolate bars at 3am. I love talking to expectant parents, sharing my experiences and all the things that make life with multiples enjoyable. Having multiples is amazing and so special! The course provides you with some great info to prepare yourself for the adventures that lie ahead. Looking forward to meeting you in Tiverton!

Melanie - Plymouth

Hi! My name is Melanie and I have recently started volunteering for TAMBA. I am a facilitator and run the Practical Preparing for Parenthood Seminars in Plymouth. I am a Mum of four beautiful children. I have a son who is 6, a daughter who is 4.5 and non-identical twin boys who are 2. With only four years between all of my children I have had a busy few years but have loved every moment. I hope that by running the seminars I can help other parents believe that they can cope, and offer tips on how to make life with twins more manageable.I have breastfed all of my children until they were at least two and am in fact still feeding my twins! I hope to get trained as a peer supporter soon so that I can help other Mum's to be successful at breastfeeding.

South East

Katherine - Guildford

I am Katherine, mum to three beautiful boys, identical twins who are four and a two and a half year old. I have been a member of Tamba since I found out I was expecting twins and at the start of 2014 started volunteering on Tamba's twinline, something I really enjoy is turning worry and nervousness into a happy, confidence throughout a call. At the start of this year I began facilitating for Tamba's Preparing for Parenthood seminars, informing, sharing experiences, tips and dispelling myths to expectant parents is highly rewarding, something which I really enjoy. My background is in childcare, pre children I worked at a private day nursery where I ran the Preschool, and I have recently started working again at a local sessional nursery as the Tots Room Supervisor.

Esther – Billingshurst

I have a PGCE in Post Compulsory Education and am currently working as a tutor in Adult Education in West Sussex. I am a mother to twin boys who were born in 2006 and have been volunteering for TAMBA since they were eighteen months old. My interest in volunteering was born out of a desire to help provide information and peer support to expectant parents of multiples, based on my own experiences of being a new mum to twins.

Alison – Weybridge

I am a Mum to three boys, one born in 2007 and then non-identical twins born in 2010. I live in Surrey and facilitate classes in Weybridge. Now that my boys are all at school, I keep busy with a freelance role teaching Law and am also a school governor. I was particularly keen to breastfeed my twin boys due to a history of asthma and food allergy in the family and am very happy to share my experiences. Although I no longer have children young enough for the regular playgroup, I am still in touch with my local Twins Club and in particular enjoy attending their social events! I have now been a facilitator for 3 years. Having attended a TAMBA ante-natal course during my own twin pregnancy as well as a hospital-run seminar for expectant parents of multiples, I found the experience invaluable in terms of practical tips and also meeting other parents of multiples (who have since become long-standing friends)

Kim – Tonbridge

I'm Kim and I live near Tunbridge Wells with my husband and three daughters; my eldest was born in 2006 and the twins in 2010. I've been a volunteer facilitator for TAMBA since Jan 2013. I attended the Practical Preparing for Parenthood seminar when I was pregnant myself with the twins and I found it useful even though I had a child already. There are certain bits of info and 'issues' that are specific to having multiples especially linked with feeding, sleeping and bathing. I would advise expectant parents to arm themselves with as much information and knowledge as possible, from general antenatal courses (NHS or NCT) and from multiple-specific courses such as TAMBA's. You could even do both if you wish! Being pregnant with twins felt very similar to being pregnant the first time round in that I couldn't quite get my head around it and I had no idea what to expect! So apart from attending a multiple antenatal course of some kind, I also found it really helpful to meet other mums with twins whilst I was pregnant. My local twins club is very supportive and there are lots of events which offer the chance to meet other parents. They are a very friendly bunch so do check what groups are around in your area!

Jo – Tonbridge

I'm Joanna and I live in Kent with my husband and 2 year old twins George and Sophie. I attended the TAMBA seminar with my husband and found it invaluable so I wanted to be able to offer the same support to other multiple parents. As a first time mum it is such a tough time being faced with the prospect of 2 newborns, especially if everything doesn't go as planned. George and Sophie were 6 weeks early and there were a lot of challenges along the way and I use these experiences to further the support I feel I can offer. I expressed exclusively for 6 months (due to their prematurity and stay in hospital) and I have supported many mums with questions about expressing.I have run the local twins club for over a year, we have over 200 members, and organise lots of events and get togethers. My own mum passed away before my beautiful children were born, my dad lives abroad and I have very little family support so my friends I have met through the multiple club has been life saving. The support that TAMBA offers through the clubs and Preparing for Parenthood seminars is invaluable and I'm excited to be part of this fantastic network.

Anna – Abingdon

I gave birth to my triplets in February 2014 and ran my first seminar for TAMBA one year later. One of the most useful ways TAMBA helped me was via the Practical Preparing for Parenthood seminar I attended before her babies arrived. Meeting other parents-to-be, and hearing the experiences of the trainers, left me feeling better prepared and more confident - in as much as you can be when expecting triplets! I decided to become a seminar facilitator in order to pass on information and support to expectant parents of multiples. I breastfed my babies and am happy to discuss all forms of feeding with parents-to-be. Although initially I spent most of my time at home breastfeeding, it wasn't too long before I was out daily with my babies in my two-tier triple buggy! I belong to my local Multiples Group get so much out of socialising with other parents who understand the joys and challenges of raising multiples.

Sinead – High Wycombe

I'm Sinéad and live in High Wycombe, Bucks with my husband and three children; 7 year old twins and a 5 years old- all girls. I have been a facilitator for 4 years now and love the experience of presenting the seminar, coloured with my own experiences.The parenting seminar didn't exist when I had my twins- I wish it had- as I truly believe it can make the difference between surviving the first year and enjoying the first year. The first section is invaluable in helping parents feel empowered and prepared for the pregnancy and hospital experience.I feel privileged to be able to give something back to the charity, and always love meeting the new parents at the start of their "multiple" journey.

Zoe – Portsmouth

I have 2 year old boy/girl twins, born at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth and also a 4 year old girl and a 7 year old boy. It was such a shock to be told I was expecting twins, as there are no twins in my family. I was worried about how we would manage, especially with no family close by.However, we have managed really well. I volunteered to facilitate these seminars so that I can help expectant multiple parents to feel more confident about the future, by listening to their concerns and sharing my experiences.Outside of my family, I swim three or four times a week with my local club, and generally keep active and involved in various opportunities that come my way, especially those that involve meeting a variety of people.

North East

Theresa – Darlington

I’m Theresa McDonald Hindle and I’m the mum of triplet boys born in May 2011. Having met my husband when I was 39, we soon realised we would need help to have a family. On our second IVF attempt, I fell pregnant with triplets! I felt so blessed and petrified all at the same time. Sometimes caring for them was a challenge, but looking at my 3 (not so) little boys now, I wouldn’t change a thing. I joined TAMBA immediately after my first scan confirming multiples. I’ve found it a great source of information and support, and we have benefited greatly from the discounters. We attended the Practical Preparing for Parenting Workshop and found the information invaluable. As Regularly chase down people pushing double and triple buggies I thought why not make it official and become a TAMBA volunteer? So, when the opportunity to become a facilitator came up, I jumped at the chance to be able to provide other parents with the same support we had received from TAMBA.


Helen – St Albans

I'm Helen and mum to 9 year old Alfie and 9 month old twins Oliver and Charlie and I have just started facilitating this course in St Albans. I was really pleased be offered this role as I am keen to help others in my situation, and hopefully make the first few weeks less stressful for them. When my eldest son was first born I was definitely quite stressed by it all and was constantly trying to "solve' him. Despite life being naturally hectic with twins (not to mention having a house full of builders and no kitchen for the first 10 weeks of their life and a heart operation for one of my babies) we have enjoyed being so much more relaxed second (and third) time round, and we have found things like getting into a routine so much easier than the first time around. I really hope that my experience as a mum of twins, and the benefit of hindsight from my eldest, can be a help to others, so they can enjoy their experience of parenting multiples too.

Kirsty Stocks, Stevenage

I have been facilitating for 2 years and carried out 4 workshops. I have 2.5 year old non identical twin girls. I am an active member of our local Twins Club and have organised the last 3 Nearly New Sales for our club. I breastfed for 11 months. Love being able to give something back to expectant mums with twins. Very rewarding and motivating especially as a stay at home mother, it makes me feel i am doing something for me!!

Lindsay – Luton

My name is Lindsay Pugh and I am mum to identical twin girls who were born in January 2012. I attended a ‘Practical Preparing for Parenthood’ course when I was pregnant and found it really useful and decided to volunteer for TAMBA and lead my own sessions now. I love meeting expectant parents and sharing some of my experiences with them. I also set up a twins and multiples club in my hometown of Luton when my girls were 4 months old and really enjoy meeting other twin parents at the group which is now run by our local children’s centre and is going from strength to strength

Amanda – Billericay

My name is Amanda and I’m mum to Alex and Tom - 18year old identical twin boys. After 15 years on the committee I became the Chairperson of Billericay Twins Club 4 years ago and along with my committee we run a very active club with over 100 member families and a very lively nursery group. I’ve been volunteering for Tamba for the last 2 years and enjoy delivering the Practical Preparation for Parenthood Seminars both locally and more recently at the London venue and also in its “Webinar” format. I’m a keen sportswoman and enjoy tennis and horse riding.

North West

Sarah - Warrington

I am Sarah and I had boy-girl twins in 2007, a singleton born in 2012 and another set of boy-girl twins born in 2014. I was part of the first intake of facilitators trained in 2010 and run seminars in Warrington approximately every three months. I have lots of experience of getting out and about, using a mixture of double buggies, triple buggies, slings and wraps and have lots of strategies for coping and caring for twins at home.A wide variety of people book onto the seminars including partners, grandparents and friends. People also attend on their own (particularly if partners are at home looking after older children) so whatever your situation is, you won’t be alone. I aim to make the seminar an informal and friendly atmosphere which welcomes everyone. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Emma – Rochdale

I'm Emma and I'm mummy to three and half year old identical girls. They are my world! I've been a member of Tamba since I was pregnant and started volunteering 2014 and I have just delivered my first Practical preparing for parenthood course. I did the course when I was pregnant and it was fab! Myself and my husband found it really useful having practical information from someone who had been there, done it and survived! Having multiples is just the most magical thing that has ever happened to us and I just wanted to give a little bit back and to help people other people. I really enjoyed my first course and can't wait to do the next one.... although I did have bump envy! I still miss mine 3 years on!

Jenny - Liverpool

My name is Jenny and I have recently started to facilitate in Liverpool. I have identical twin girls who were born in February 2012 when our son was 18 months old. Having three children under the age of 2 was challenging to say the least but also amazing in many ways. From the girls being in NICU, breast feeding issues, post natal depression and work/ life balance I have experienced and learnt a lot. I have found the information and support I have received from other twin parents and Tamba to be invaluable and wanted to be able to help others in any way I could. I feel privileged to be able to pass on my experiences and knowledge to other parents expecting multiples and help them to prepare for this amazing adventure.

Sally – Northwich

I am Mum to twins Catriona and Victoria who were born prematurely at Queen Charlotte's Hospital in London. Although my twins are now at university I have been volunteering with Tamba since they were very young having been a listener on Twinline for many years, and helped to run my local twins club in Cheshire and been involved in the setting up of other twins clubs in the region. As a Facilitator for 3 years I enjoy being able to meet other parents by giving these courses which are so beneficial for those attending.


Carron Sheffield

I’m Carron, mum to 3.5 year old twins Eliza and Freddie. I went into ‘twin-shock’ when we heard there was more than one baby at our first scan. I was a first time mum and didn't know what to do with one baby, never mind two! I joined TAMBA straightaway, and also became the Chair of Sheffield Twins & Multiples Club. These organisations have been invaluable, especially in that first year, and without the support and advice from other multiples parents, I would have really struggled. I wanted to help others from my experiences, and so I have been delivering antenatal talks at a local hospital for the last three years. I am really excited to be Facilitator for TAMBA, I know what it feels like to find out you’re pregnant with twins – an exciting, terrifying, miracle! My objective is to help others to feel a little less apprehensive at my seminars, and if people go away a little more relaxed, then I have done my job!

Maya – Scarborough & Leeds

I am a lucky mum with twins Lucas and Isla who were born in June 2012. I work full time as a community fundraiser at our local hospital in Scarborough and am very lucky to have a supportive and very proactive husband, Marc. The kids spend their days at Nursery, Daddy Day Care, Grandma or with me! They have a varied routine and are very socialable just like their mum. I struggled to get the twin support that I needed after giving birth and there were times I wasn't sure I'd cope; but I did; just! I wish I had known about Tamba and all the services they offer. I decided to volunteer for them so that i could spread the word across North Yorkshire about their services and for me to be able to support parents to be. My children and work take up most of my time, however I do find time to go to sewing classes where I tend to make things for the kids and I still get to see my girlfriends, just now with children in tow as we're all at that stage!

East Midlands


I have been volunteering for Tamba for 2 years. I have non identical twin boys Ishaan and Taran. During my pregnancy, my husband and I attended an ante natal course which we found was lacking in any information about multiple pregnancies. Fortunately we found Tamba's Preparing for Parenthood seminar just in time. We were so impressed that I decided straightaway that I would be volunteering myself as soon as I had a little time to spare. I get immense satisfaction I get when I see the feedback and when a worried expectant parent tells me how helpful the seminar has been to put their mind to rest.

Zoe  Derby

My name is Zoe Clarke and I am a mum of twin girls who were born in June 2012. I was pretty relaxed about feeding but did manage to breastfeed my girls up to 12 months and would encourage anyone to give it a go if they thought it was what they wanted to do. I have been facilitating since 2014 and have really enjoyed meeting the groups of parents. I am definitely no expert but I always enjoy speaking to other parents of multiples and sharing experiences. I am not able to get to my local Twins Club but am active in their Facebook group and I have made it to a couple of the mum's nights out which are always fun.

As well as being a mum I work part time as a Clinical Scientist with the NHS, assessing people for Assistive Technology, and I also teach aerobics. I am a keen baker and am enjoying encouraging my girls to explore cooking

Jo – Northampton

I have non-identical twin boys who were born in 2008, and a daughter born in 2012. When I was pregnant with the boys I searched for courses and information specifically for multiple pregnancies and found they were usually in London, and prohibitively expensive. So, a couple of years later, when the opportunity came up to volunteer as a facilitator I took it! It means I can use my professional background as a teacher and help those who are pregnant with twins or more. I started offering seminars in 2010 and really enjoy meeting expectant parents of multiples. Over the years I have also been actively involved in our local twins club and many of the current members are people who have attended the seminars. I find it incredibly rewarding to share my experiences so far, and to offer support to families expecting twins or more.

West Midlands

Gail- Coventry

I love being a mother to my four year old twins George and Beatrice. I work full-time and aside from spending time with my family and friends my interests include sewing, reading and music and gigs.


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