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Where Does Your Money Go?

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A donation of any size helps us to provide our services in some of the following ways.

£5 enables us to provide a place at a class for an expectant parent of multiples to help practically prepare them for some of the challenges they may face, like the almost 50:50 chance that one or more of their babies may end up in neonatal care.

£15 allows us to provide intensive telephone support to a parent, often in distress, via our unique freephone helpline Twinline.

£25 helps us to train other parents of multiples to support new parents who face double the chance of developing postnatal depression.

£50 means we can provide a free healthy multiple pregnancy guide for a month to every expectant multiple birth mum at your local maternity unit which can improve their chances of having happy healthy babies.

£100 pays for 20 expectant parents to attend a class to prepare them for their babies being in neonatal care.

£150 helps us to support 30 bereaved families who have lost one or more of their babies.

£500 will enable us to employ a researcher for a week to undertake research into the needs of our expectant parents

£1000 allows us to employ a campaign worker for a month to raise awareness of Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome OR it will pay for detailed advice and campaigns to stop families from being split up across different hospitals

£3,000 allows us to provide free booklets to 5,000 families with one or more of their babies in intensive care.

£9,000 pays for in-depth research into the needs of expectant families.

£15,000 pays for a campaign worker to raise awareness of Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome and ensure parents get life-saving treatment at the right time.

We regularly measure and report on the effectiveness of everything we do to ensure that we make maximum use of our very limited resources.  Please rest assured that we make every £1 donated work as hard as possible to the benefit of our families. 

Our sincere thanks to you all for your support.




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