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Born Silently- a message from Bethany Morris

I lost my twin daughters at 21 weeks. My waters broke and after three days I was induced because I was showing signs of infection and my babies were struggling.

After a six hour labour knowing I wouldn't hear my babies cry, Harriet and Felicity were born on 2 July. They were beautiful and perfect in every way but so incredibly tiny. We were able to hold them and had a funeral for them.  As we were 5.5 months almost everything was ready - nursery, pushchair, clothes.... And now I have no babies.

We are utterly devastated but wanted to do something inspirational in their memory. Determined to turn our grief and pain into a positive we recruited some crazy friends and family to join us in remembering the girls and raise some money for charity. On their due date in November we cycled 325 miles from Crowborough, our home in East Sussex to Northallerton inYorkshirewhere our daughters were born silently.

For most of our team, the furthest we had been on a bike was to the shops and back, so it was a real challenge.  It took seven days and we covered an average of 50 miles every day.  

We wanted to help other families going through the same experience and raised funds for two charities close to our hearts.  One of them was Tamba. In the past few years, Tamba’s Bereavement Support Group has helped hundreds of families who have suffered a loss like ours.  It provides information and resources and runs a befriender’s service where you can speak to others who have been through the same thing.  Tamba also campaigns for better health care services for expectant and new multiple birth families to ensure as many pregnancies as possible have a good outcome.


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