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Sarah takes on the Ironman Wales for Tamba 

With a 2.4 mile sea swim, a 112 mile cycle and a full marathon- Ironman Wales is not for the faint hearted. But Sarah Hempenstall took up to the challenge for Tamba. The mother-of-three completed the contest with her two brothers, sister and brother-in-law, all of whom rode for their own charities of choice.

Sarah chose to sponsor Tamba because she wanted to give something back to the charity after they supported her through the birth of her twins George and Jessica.

“I had the twins in May 2011 and I already had a daughter, Amy, who was two and a half. The support I got through Tamba and in particular the Tamba online message board, has been so vital and helpful over the years. It was great to know there was someone there on the end of an email,” Sarah says. 

Through the Tamba message board* Sarah was able to connect with other parents and a breastfeeding supporter. She still uses the message board today, now her twins are two and a half, and gets support from her local Walton twins club.

“Every time they’re at a new stage it’s great to get that reassurance from other mums about what to do,” Sarah said. 

Preparing for the Ironman competition is no mean feat, but Sarah finds ways of juggling training with part-time work and looking after three children under 5. This includes early morning runs before her children wake up and getting on the exercise bike for training session while her twins are sleeping.

“I go out running with the double pram when my older daughter is at school. When my husband’s home I rush out and do as much as I can. Every year I do this, I look for something to do. If you give yourself a challenge you can work towards it, small steps at a time,” she said. 

Although she has a background as a competitive swimmer, Sarah has only been doing triathlons since 2013, and the 17 hour Ironman will be her first full marathon. 

“It’s going to be horrendous!” she jokes.

But she’s hoping her training will encourage her children to see exercise as a fun, normal part of everyday life.

“I think it’s a really good for my children to see me do the exercise so they know that it’s normal. They realise exercise is fun,” she says. 

If you’d like to get fit while fundraising for Tamba- but aren’t quite ready to take on an Ironman event-  there are plenty of other Tamba organised challenge events on around the country. See our Challenge Events page for more information. 

To find out more about fundraising for Tamba email LucieWigley@tamba.org.uk.

 *The Tamba members only message board is a safe and friendly space where parents can share their experiences of bringing up multiples with other parents. You can discuss anything from the moment you find out you are pregnant to when your Multiples start school.  There is also a forum for Dads.

 The board is  monitored regularly by trained Tamba volunteers. If you are a member, you can sign in and then click on this link to view the message board.



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