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BIG Research Appeal 

It’s BIG. It’s innovative. It’s world-leading and lifesaving. It's Phase 3!

Multiple pregnancies make up only 3% of all pregnancies but contribute towards 6.5% of still births and 13.7% of neonatal deaths, which means that, devastatingly, at least one twin, triplet or quad doesn’t make it each day.  Almost half of multiple births are born premature and this is a major contributing factor to the high death rates. Surviving preterm babies also face long term neurological damage and disabilities.

We want to change this.

We partnered with the British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society (BMFMS) to find the best researchers and over the last two years commissioned five pieces of crucial clinical research to help reduce some of the risks associated with multiple pregnancies, namely prematurity, TTTS, still birth and neonatal death rates, helping to make things safer for mum and babies.  

Clinical Research really does save lives. Kiaan and Kush, the healthy babies in this photograph, were a medical first. They were measured in the womb using Tamba’s new Twin Pregnancy Growth Charts, which were produced as a result of Tamba’s very first clinical research project.  If you want more medical first and a world where all multiple pregnancies are safer and babies are born healthy help us make it happen by supporting PHASE 3 of our Big Research Appeal.

We now need to raise the next £20,000 to commission the last two pieces of research to complete the seven pieces of research we promised at the beginning of the Big Research Appeal.  The BMFMS will also double any donations made to PHASE 3 of the appeal, up to £20,000.

Find out more about the BIG Research Appeal or donate NOW to double your donation.  If you would like to help by fundraising for this appeal please email shelleysmith@tamba.org.uk  

TTTS Appeal Logo - Tamba's TTTS Appeal - Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) is a rare but life-threatening condition affecting identical twins who share a placenta (monochorionic).  It can also occur in triplet pregnancies which include monochorionic twins. One twin (the donor) transfuses blood to the other twin (the recipient).  If TTTS is left untreated 90% of babies will die, so if the condition is severe Newborn baby twin in Neonatal Unitenough families are referred to a special fetal centre for laser ablation and/or amniotic reduction. Even with treatment there is a 10-20% chance of the surviving babies having long term disabilities.  Until now there was no national database recording TTTS cases and too little research being conducted into the disease. 

That is why we have partnered with St. Georges hospital to set up a national registry of TTTS cases, their treatments and their outcomes. Crucially this will help to guide clinical practice and provide better patient care for those suffering from the disease. It will also provide data for future research and long term follow up of TTTS treatments and outcomes. 

We are delighted to announce that with all the fantastic support we have received in 2014/2015 we have managed to raise our £30,000 initial target to get the TTTS Registry up and running!  The Registry will be going live in October 2015 and any niggles worked on through the rest of the year. The TTTS registry will be a UK first and is the most practical way of driving improvements in the next few years and longer term.  

We are keeping the TTTS Appeal as an ongoing appeal because there will be continuous running costs associated with the registry and we need to appoint a research midwife to liaise with the hospital units to ensure the data is collected and entered correctly etc. We will also be extending the registry to cover other TTTS complications such as TAPS and TRAPS. So your continued fundraising is very much needed and greatly appreciated!

We want fewer TTTS Angels and more TTTS survivors.  If you would like to help by fundraising for this appeal please email shelleysmith@tamba.org.uk  If you would like to make an immediate donation please TEXT TTTS01 £5 to 70070 or visit https:// www.justgiving.com/TTTSAppeal 

Helping Hands Appeal  

Tamba’s Helping Hands project provides free, practical, qualified help in the home for families of multiples in crisis. The service is run in conjunction with Norland Agency. Norland Nannies and Maternity Nurses give up their time free of charge to help families when they are at their lowest. Although the Norland Nannies provide their services free of charge, Tamba covers the cost of their travel and living expenses while they are helping the families. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will make a difference.Quads - Quadruplet babies in their nappies lying on a bed together

In 2014 we launched an appeal to raise money for our Helping Hands fund to support a family that were struggling to cope with quads and an older daughter. One of the quads, Alfie, has severe cerebral palsy and was extremely poorly. This family were at breaking point and needed urgent help. Thanks to everybody’s help we were able to provide Alfie’s parents with the funds for a number of Norland Nannies to help care for the family during this emotional time. The parents, Rebecca and Barrie had this to say:

 ‘The Helping Hands appeal has been a lifeline for our family. Without the help of the volunteers we wouldn’t have been able to function properly as a family and we can’t thank them enough, and all the kind people who have donated to the appeal for Alfie. ‘Alfie is an amazing little boy and against all odds he has fought to be here with us. He is such a placid, beautiful little boy, and we don’t know what we would have done without him. We’re so blessed to have five beautiful children.’

We still need your help. When families come to us in dire circumstances we need to be able to react immediately. Please help families when they are at their most desperate by donating today. The more donations we receive, the more families we can help.


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