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Payroll giving

Payroll giving (for example, Give As You Earn) is a tax-effective and easy way for you to give a regular donation to Tamba directly from your salary.  We get more, but it costs you less as your donation is made before tax.  For example, if you donate £10 it will cost you £8. If you are a higher rate tax payer it will cost £6.

CAF Give As You Earn is very flexible, offering you four ways to give:

1. Direct donation, whereby your payments go straight to Tamba each payroll

2. Charity Account which enables you to hold your funds so you always have money set aside to donate

3. Staff Charity Fund enabling you and your colleagues to pool your donations as a group – a great way to raise money for Tamba!

4. Charitable Trust to enable you to set up your own charitable trust.

There are other payroll giving schemes available but CAF Give As You Earn is probably the largest.  All schemes have the benefit of giving us long term, regular income, helping us to plan our expenditure for the future. 

If your employer already operates a payroll giving scheme, simply tell them you want to donate to Tamba and they will give you the relevant forms. Remember to tell us too - email ShelleySmith@tamba.org.uk.  Some employers even match staff payroll donations and pay the administration fees.

If your employers don’t run a payroll giving scheme maybe you could persuade them to run one? Take a look at Payroll Giving from an employers perspective here. 



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