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Big Research Appeal  

Twins in incubatorThe Big Research Appeal ran for three years, raised £60,000, which was matched by the BMFMS and funded the largest research programme of its kind in the world.   Thanks to YOUR incredible support the Big Research Appeal funded seven crucial pieces of clinical research all designed to prevent TTTS and prematurity and to ultimately save tiny lives:

  1. Single intrauterine fetal death in monochorionic twin pregnancies
  2. Neurodevelopment outcomes in twin pregnancies with complications, including twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), single intrauterine death, selective intrauterine growth restriction, twin reversed arterial perfusion sequence (TRAPS)  and twin anaemia polycythemia sequence (TAPS)
  3. Prevalence of monochorionic monoamniotic (MCMA) twin and triplet pregnancies and to compare birth outcomes and clinical management of these pregnancies
  4. Emergency Cerclage in Twin Pregnancies at Imminent Risk of Preterm Birth
  5. Examination of the Myometrial Transcriptome in Twin Pregnancies
  6. Development of a ‘core outcome set’ for multiple pregnancy studies: part of the ‘COMET’ initiative to standardise outcomes collected in research
  7. Evaluating Risk Antenatally in Twin Pregnancies – A Pilot Study




In 2013 you very generously helped us raise money to fund research, carried out by St George’s Hospital in London, to develop the world’s first twin pregnancy growth charts.

You raised £25,000 during our Beanstalk Appeal and after months and months of data collection, across thousands of twin pregnancies, the research was complete and the findings collated.

In July 2017 we were excited to announce the charts were officially on systems and available for hospitals to download.

Previously, twin babies are being measured during pregnancy using singleton growth charts and clinicians had to use their judgement to decide how the pregnancy was progressing.

The twin pregnancy growth charts will now make it easier to identify twins who have genuine growth restriction and who are therefore at risk of stillbirth, and may need intervention to keep them safe. They will also prevent the false diagnosis (thinking that the babies are growth restricted but they are not) therefore potentially avoiding unnecessary intervention in the form of premature delivery.

The results of the research were published in the Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology journal in August 2014.

The £25,000 you raised during our Beanstalk Appeal enabled us to do extraordinary things. We are embarking on more research over the coming years and with your help we want to continue funding projects which will better the lives and improve outcomes for multiple birth babies.

“When we put our mind together…we can change practice and improve outcomes…and that’s something fabulous to celebrate. Thank you” – a message to all our supporters from Tamba CEO Keith Reed. Dr Asma Khalil and Tamba CEO Keith Reed talk at the launch of the twin growth charts, July 2017 in the video below.



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