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Sneha's Story

A family with baby triplets who escaped a house fire – losing everything but the clothes they were wearing – say their lives are back in order thanks to huge help from Tamba.

Sneha Dave, her husband Brijesh and their triplets Rishva, Ridhaan and Rutvi were left homeless and all their possessions burned to ash when the fire started in the middle of the night, back in May 2017.

Brijesh suffered severe burns to his hand when he tried to fight the blaze and kind neighbours offered to take in the babies while he received treatment at hospital.

“We were so lucky the fire alarm woke us up,” said Sneha, 28. “I didn’t know what was happening and I screamed ‘help me, help me’. I could only carry two babies in my arms and I was so frightened. My in-laws were staying with us and they grabbed the other baby and everyone just ran outside shouting.”

“We’re so glad the fire brigade turned up when they did,” said Brijesh, 30. “The fire was getting nearer the boiler and if it had reach it, the whole place would have exploded.”

In the weeks and months after the fire, the family managed to find a new home to live, but the babies had just a duvet on the floor to sleep on and had to be fed one at a time on their parents’ lap as they didn’t have highchairs to sit in.

They’d also fallen out of their sleeping and feeding routine, which meant Brijesh and Sneha were barely getting enough sleep to cope with the tiring job of parenting. That’s when Sneha contacted Tamba and was put onto our Helping Hands scheme, which offers practical support in the home for families in crisis.

“I’d heard of Tamba before when I was pregnant with the triplets and they’d help me a lot when I first came home from hospital,” said Sneha. “We were desperate for some support and it was difficult to adjust to life with newborn triplets, especially as my husband was working long hours as a chef. We had a Helping Hands support practitioner then and she helped implement a good routine that we could follow for all three babies.

“After the house fire, everything became chaotic. We had a support practitioner come to help us get back on track with the triplets’ routine around sleeping and feeding.

“The fire left us with absolutely nothing and we were emotionally and physically exhausted. But Tamba were so very very helpful. We don’t know what we would have done without their help.

“Now the children have cots to sleep in, highchairs for meals and they’re back in a routine.”

The triplets celebrated their first birthday in August 2017 and are now thriving, happy babies.

Tamba CEO Keith Reed said Helping Hands has made a life-changing difference to hundreds of families in crisis across England and Wales.

He said: “Since Helping Hands was launched in 2014, 4,750 hours of support have been given to 142 families of multiples in crisis, including 206 twins, 102 triplets and 12 quadruplets. This could have occurred as a result of parental bereavement, bereavement of a child, medical conditions, severe postnatal depression or mental health issue or very serious behavioural problems.

“We’re incredibly proud of Helping Hands and how much it means to our multiple birth families."


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