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Helping Hands Supporting Multiple Birth Families in Crisis

The Helping Hands project aims to provide short term practical support in the home to families with Twins, Triplets or More that are in severe need or crisis.

This crisis could have occurred as a result of parental bereavement or bereavement of a multiple, medical conditions, severe post-natal depression or mental health issue, or very serious behavioural problems.

Helping Hands supports families in many ways. For those that are eligible this may take the form of short term practical help and support by a Tamba Support Practitioner. This service is run in conjunction with Norland Agency. Qualified childcare professionals trained by Norland College kindly volunteer their time to help families in crisis. 

Helping Hands has supported many families like Clare's. Read her story here.

Please note that the placement of support practitioners is mostly operating in England and Wales. We are currently working on how to extend it to the rest of the UK.  

Throughout the UK other support is provided. This support includes signposting to other Tamba services, a Home start referral, other charities' support, and information on benefits, help with sourcing equipment, phone support and liaison with Health Professionals. 

To be eligible, families need to:

1) have multiple birth children under school age

2) be unable to afford to pay for help themselves, receive child benefit and be willing to answer key financial questions to check eligibility 

3) have sought help from friends, neighbours or other external agencies. 

4) the application must be supported by a relevant professional. For example GP, Health Visitor, Social Worker, Teacher, Home-Start volunteer, Midwife. 

Apply for Helping Hands support

If you are applying for support for your own family please fill in our Self-Referral Form using the link below.

Self-Referral Form

If you are a relevant professional and want to make a referral please fill in our Health Professionals Referral Form

Health Professionals Referral Form

A mother reading to her twin sons on her lapHow does the scheme work?

  • A relevant professional or the family will need to fill in the application form via the links above.

  • Once application is received Tamba will contact families directly to talk through their current situation, possible support and eligibility for support.

  • Self referrals will be asked to provide Tamba with an email and contact number for a relevant professional to  support of their request for help

  • For families that are eligible for support  Tamba will assign a support practitioner. This can be a volunteer and the placement organisation may take 3-4 weeks to organise.
  • The support provided is short term.
  • After the support has been given Tamba will contact the family to request feedback on the support and service given. This will be shared with the referring relevant professional.

 Thank you for your interest in this scheme and if you have any questions then please contact support-team@tamba.org.uk 

Helping Hands supports families at home with practical help. Please note we are unable to receive donations of equipment, clothing, formula or nappies.  If you wish to support our families you may want to consider making a financial donation to Helping Hands or getting involved in fundraising for Helping Hands.

Terms and Conditions (Please Read)

All professionals participating in this scheme have been subject to the relevant checks and hold insurance.  These have been confirmed by the agencies involved. 

Decisions on eligibility and priority of requests are made at the sole discretion of Tamba.  Applicants agree to abide by these terms and conditions. 

Other support

If you're ineligble for practical support we'll do our best to support you in other ways by signposting you to relevant resources or other organisations.

Home start

Home-Start is a national family support charity that helps parents to build better lives for their children. Their volunteers provide one-to-one practical support by visiting the family’s home for a couple of hours every week. 

There is a wealth of information on their website and families can either be referred by a health professional or refer themselves by contacting their local Homestart.

Visit www.home-start.org.uk/find-your-nearest-home-start. Call 0800 068 63 68

Sure Start Children’s Centres

There are 3089 centres across England. Sure Start Centres provide early learning and depending on the centre, childcare provision. They also provide free information, advice and guidance on all family matters.


Local authority

Social Services do have some provision to offer help and advice to struggling families. To find your local authority visit www.gov.uk/find-your-local-council


Do you need a translator?

If you want to find out more about our Helping Hands service, but struggle with English, we can provide you with an interpreter to help you access this service. All you have to do is call the office, or get someone to call on your behalf,  on 01252 332 344 and request a translator. From there we will then organise a time and date to give you a call with a translator on the line. Tamba’s translation services are provided by LanguageLine Solutions. who can translate into over 180 different languages. See our translation page for more information.


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