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There are changes happening in the NHS that focus on making care for pregnant women even better. Tamba is working with the NHS to ensure that our multiple birth family’s needs are included in these changes.

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The NICE guideline for multiple births published in 2011 provides research based guidance on the best way to manage a multiple birth pregnancy.

Guidelines, as the name suggest are not mandatory, rather it is a recommendation that is the best way to care for this pregnancy, based on published research. The term commonly used by health professionals is ‘evidence based best practice’. Following or adopting all the recommendations of this guideline should lead to the health professionals providing better and more consistent levels of care for multiple birth women.

In order to help NHS staff improve care from NICE guidelines NICE Quality Standards are developed. This helps to improve the standard of care that is provided or commissioned. For multiple births this is Quality Standard 46.

In Tamba’s strategic plans for 2014-16 we made a commitment to our members to help improve the care for women pregnant with twins, triplets or more to help reduce the number of babies that die during pregnancy or in the early days afterwards.

To help us achieve our plans we applied for funding to help us. We were awarded money by The Department of Health from their Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund 

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