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Maternity Unit Engagement 

In England, multiple pregnancies make up around 1.5% of pregnancies but account for 5% of stillbirths, 10% of neonatal deaths and 15-20% of all neonatal admissions.

Tamba’s Maternity Engagement Project was funded by the Department of Health during 2016-2019 and has been working with 30 maternity units across England to improve outcomes for multiple pregnancy families.

Here are just a few of our key findings from the project:

  •  65% of units saw a reduction in their neonatal admissions rate for multiples in 12 months.
  • Across all units there was an average reduction of 5.8 percentage points.
  • There was an instance of increased adherence to NICE guidelines being linked to a decrease in neonatal deaths for multiples in one unit in just 12 months.
  • At re-audit, one unit saw a statistically significant reduction in their neonatal death rate (from 3.2% to 0%).
  • At re-audit there was some statistically significant evidence of stillbirth rates being lower for sites with a maternity champion compared to those without 
  • 60% of units saw a reduction in their emergency caesarean section rate for multiples in 12 months. Across all units there was an average reduction of 3.1 percentage points. This relates to 105 fewer emergency C-sections over 26 units where data was available.
  • 100% of units re-audited increased their overall adherence to NICE QS46 between the baseline and follow-up audits.
  • Nine out of ten professionals in units that had completed the project agreed that "if we hadn't done the Maternity Engagement Project we would not have achieved as much positive change".
  • If all units in England (157) implemented similar changes to increase adherence in NICE QS46, within a year neonatal admissions could be reduced by 1,308 with a cost saving of £8 million. Emergency caesarean sections could be reduced by 634 and after 5 years up to 100 stillbirths across the UK could be prevented.

Find out how Tamba is working to improve maternity care and reduce stillbirths for families with twins, triplets or more in our full report.


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