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‘I statements’ are an  NHS wide initiative that has the aim to ‘drive better integration of care,  care which is centred around the whole person;  co-ordinated around the needs of patients, families and carers and  feels more ‘joined up’ to the individual, including at transitions’. 

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We asked our supporters what good maternity care looks like, here's what they told us:

  • 'I want to not be told that on day 2 post C-section I should be doing more than I am able, given that my blood loss and experience was VERY different to a singleton C-section.'

  • 'I want more care taken over mums straight after delivery. I was given both babies to feed together then the midwife left the room, so I'm sat there, hubby gone home holding two babies and not entirely sure how to get either or both into the cot and unable to reach the call button. On those first few hrs and days they are so tiny and you're so uncertain.'

  • 'I want mums with babies in neonatal care to not be placed on general postnatal wards. Listening to all the mums with their babies was heart breaking when I couldn't get down to NICU to see my twins.'

  • 'I want staff to realise just how vulnerable new mums are on maternity wards especially when their babies aren’t with them. They need their partners with them. They are vulnerable and afraid even if they don’t seem it. The hospital routine needs change so these families can be together without waiting on hospital visiting times, ward rounds finishing, drug rounds finishing. Allowances need to be made so these mothers without babies are not sitting on post-natal wards listening to everyone else’s babies cry and wondering how their own are!'

  • 'I want to feel safe and properly cared for. I want people to introduce themselves and communicate with me. I want staff who are so much in abundance they actually have time to sit and talk.'

  • 'I want adequate pain management after birth so I can get out of the hospital bed in time to make it to the bathroom and generally move about as instructed to aid recovery. I should have had more support.'

  • 'I want the care in one NICU to be the same in all hospitals in Northern Ireland. One hospital says don't wash your hands, other hospital obsessed with washing hands. One hospital allows own clothes, the other hospital doesn't! Very confusing and inconsistent. I want more consistency in pregnancy care. I felt like I was passed from pillar to post during my pregnancy and I only saw my actual consultant once in the whole 8 months. The registrars I saw, all 5 of them, each told me something different.'

  • 'I want to be listened to when I raise concerns about my C-section date and for choices about my care to be based on my needs not the needs of the hospital. I was due for a C-section at 37 weeks but the hospital was booked up so they left me to 38.

  • I was actually pretty happy with my care once the boys were actually born. The SCBU staff visited us every day when we were re-admitted to the children's ward and were really supportive of my desire to breastfeed even though we didn't get off to the best of starts with my milk taking ages to come in after a C-section, 2 blood transfusions and a course of extremely strong antibiotics. I want to thank the midwives. They were so supportive and kind and they've had such a bad press recently.'

  • 'I want to be able to bottle the air in neonatal and use it when I'm having a low day. It's is such a warm, welcoming and caring environment. The nurses and doctors do an amazing job. They are so friendly and make you feel like you are the only ones that they are caring for. I honestly can't thank them enough.'

  • 'I want a consistent approach to advice given to first time mums and strategies agreed with parents and nursing staff, particularly with regard to breastfeeding and handling of premature babies.'

  • 'I cannot fault the hospital; where I had my girls after a very complicated pregnancy. However, I would have liked more specialist support at home for feeding etc. My community midwife wasn't very knowledgeable about breastfeeding preemie twins as basically I had to do my own research but then I had family to help would have struggled if I didn't.'

  • 'I want to have the same midwife throughout labour . I had 6 different midwives assigned to me it was all very impersonal and intrusive. I want more help with breast feeding too!'

  • 'I want husband's/partners to be able to stay on ward with the new mum's. Those first few hours and days are so precious yet demanding that the extra support is needed. I had a C-section with my twins and my husband had to leave at 10pm every night and wasn't allowed back in until 10am in the morning. On the first night I moved wards twice and could have really done with the help and support. I was in hospital for a week and it was a lonely time for both of us being separated. Dads also miss out on the extra bonding by being absent.'

  • 'I want there to be better facilities for siblings to play in whilst parents are visiting their baby/babies in NICU. We found it so difficult to visit with our 19 month old daughter who was not allowed into the NICU. She either had to stay with someone while we visited (which wasn't always possible) or my Husband and I had to take it in turns to stay in the waiting room with her while the other went in to see our babies.'

    • 'I want more support in the special care baby unit on how to cope with the stress as a new Mum for premature twins in the unit.'

  •  'I want to not feel like an inconvenience to look after.'

  • 'I want information in plain English. I also want others to receive the same great care as we did in maternity and SCBU. There were some issues but overall we have a great service provided by impressive staff.'

  • 'I want families suffering TTTS to be given the help support and information they need'

  • 'I found I was still really suffering from the trauma of TTTS after my twins were delivered at 32 weeks, but it was sort of forgotten about and there was no emotional support offered at all.'

  • 'I want the NICU staff to be as supportive about breastfeeding as the staff on the maternity ward and to realise that what's easiest for them isn't always what's best.'

  • 'I want the people who care for the babies in NICU and SCBU to care about the parents too. Doctors barely acknowledged me and many nurses were plain unkind to me, even though I'd just gone through the most traumatic experience of my life. Kindness should be a given on NICU & SCBU.'

  • 'I want more support in the first weeks immediately after leaving hospital with multiples.'




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