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Multiple Birth Study Day

As part of the project Tamba held a study day on Multiple Births for the units participating in the ME programme. It was arranged in partnership with St George’s Hospital. Attendees included doctors, midwives and sonographers from across country.

A further study day is planned in the autumn in partnership with Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

Both Liverpool Women’s Hospital and St George’s Hospital have multiple birth consultants that sit on the Maternity Engagement steering group.

The next study day will be on 2nd December 2017.

Feedback from the staff attending the study day

'Access to this type of multidisciplinary training is vital to our development as practitioners and provides us the knowledge and tools to apply best practice. It’s rare that we gain insight into the theory behind many of the decisions made at consultant level and therefore benefited my understanding immensely’

(Midwife Sonographer) 

‘Always extremely valuable to hear the patients perspective, really hit home with me the way we can influence decisions the family make, very brave story!’


‘Thank you so much Tamba! The study day was excellent from start to end. Fantastic and highly knowledgeable speakers, I’ve learned a great deal, whilst also reinforcing the ways we are adopting best practice. The day flowed brilliantly and a great project to be a part of!”



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