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Maternity Engagement Project Year 1

This project started in April 2016 and is making great progress. A project team has been recruited and includes a fulltime project manager, 2 part time coordinators, a part time audit and evaluation officer as well as a team of specialist consultant midwives.

All the midwives have extensive experience of working with multiple birth families and all are currently working in the area in the NHS. They are all also parents of multiples themselves.  In fact the maternity engagement team has 6 sets of twins between them.

The project is supported by a steering group of experts.

Members of the group include Leeds NHS Trust, Royal College of Midwives, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Royal College of Nursing, University of Leicester, NHS England and the charities Bliss and Sands.

This is a steering group that meets quarterly to provide the project team with expertise in overcoming challenges that may arise during the project

Which units are participating?

The project team works closely with carefully selected maternity units to help them improve the way they care for their multiples families.

The units were shortlisted from information from both Tamba’s Maternity Services Report 2015  and also from information from published rates of stillbirth and perinatal deaths by MBRRACE.

Maternity units across England were then invited by Tamba to take part in this exciting project. 28 units have agreed to take part and work with Tamba to help develop the service they offer multiple birth families. The trust CEO’S and senior staff responsible for multiple birth pregnancies are briefed about the project by online meeting with Tamba project team. 


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