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Potty training for twins, triplets or more

Potty training is another milestone in your children’s development.  Some parents potty train their multiples together, others find that potty training them apart works best for them.  The key is to start when your children show signs of readiness, which may be at different times for each child.

To help you prepare for potty training, Tamba has the following resources:

  • Potty Training Factsheet
  • Video clips – listen to parents talking about topics such as how they approached potty training, top tips and how long it took
  • Twinline – if you would like to talk to someone in person do call Twinline on 0800 138 0509

Potty training two or more toddlers isn't usually as difficult as parents expect it to be and in most cases will soon become a distant memory. However, it can still be quite challenging and messy as it is hard to keep an eye on more than one child at a time. Our potty training factsheet contains information on what potty training involves, what age to start, how to tell if your children are ready, and other helpful hints. We've also included our tips for success. Click here to download.

Tamba's Twinline and Support Groups Coordinator and twin mum, Louise shares her top tips and approaches to try for potty training in the video series below.

Mum, Anna, shares the approach she took to potty training and what age her children started below.


Mum, Joanna, shares how she decided to start potty training below.


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