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School Appeals 

Deadlines for applying for Primary School places in England and Wales is currently 15th January. School placement decisions for primary schools will be announced on the 16th April. If you're looking to appeal the decision about which school your twins or triplets have been allocated for September 2019, please read this page.

If you're confused by the appeals process, or unsure if you should be appealing - we have a free webinar which will help answer your questions. This highly informative online seminar is written and delivered by our two Honorary Consultants for Primary School Education, Anne Thomas and Maggie Dorsman.

The aim of this webinar is:

·         To provide information to parents who may need to make an appeal for a school place or places for one or all of their multiples

·         To clarify what information Tamba will require from parents in order to support their appeal

Tamba has four voluntary honorary consultants for education who can offer support and advice for eligible parents wanting to appeal. However, please make sure you listen to the webinar first to determine if you're eligible and start collating your evidence before you contact Tamba requesting a school appeals referral. 

Please note that Tamba cannot help if the reason for your appeal is that the allocated school has poor SATS results or is ‘in special measures.’ Unfortunately, from our experience, we know this reason will not be accepted by the appeals panel. We're sorry as we acknowledge that this might be disappointing to some parents.  If you do want to appeal for this reason, you may like to seek advice from ACE education.


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