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Breastfeeding twins, triplets or more

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Many mothers of multiples do breastfeed their babies successfully.

Multiples are more likely to be born early, and we know that very small or premature babies can find it difficult to breastfeed at the beginning.  If you are unable to feed your babies straight away it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to breastfeed.  Whenever you are able to spend time with your babies, having skin-to-skin with your or your partner, as well as expressing breastmilk regularly, can help babies to get going with breastfeeding.  Talk to the staff about how they can support you to feed your babies in the way you want to.

To help you prepare for breastfeeding Tamba suggest that you:


Always do what is best for you and your family. If you would like to talk to someone about feeding or need support you can ring Twinline on 0800 138 0509. Our helpline is open daily 10am-1pm and 7pm-10pm.


Below Midwife for Multiples Sandra Bosman talks about whether you can breastfeed twins, and if you can produce enough milk to feed more than one baby. Log on or register for free with Tamba today to unlock the whole playlist and listen to her answer all your FAQ questions about breastfeeding more than one, including how to start breastfeeding and whether you should you feed from the same or different sides.


Breastfeeding Peer Supporters Scheme

Tamba has a team of NCT accredited breastfeeding peer supporters who have all breastfed twins and can offer mother-to-mother information and support via phone and email to families who wish to breastfeed their twins, triplets or higher multiples. They have all completed the NCT's accredited peer support training.

For more information about the breastfeeding peer supporters scheme please click here.


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