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How do I feed my twins, triplets or more?

A number of issues can make the choice between breastfeeding, mixed feeding and bottle-feeding more complicated for multiples than for a singleton.


Breastfeeding more than one baby is certainly more challenging than feeding a singleton but after the first few weeks mothers say it becomes easier, enjoyable and can make life simpler. It can also mean less time spent on making up bottles and money saved on equipment and infant formula. Many mothers of multiples do breastfeed their babies successfully. Not just mothers of twins but even mothers of triplets have been known to breastfeed their babies exclusively. For more detailed information regarding breastfeeding your multiples please click here.


For more detailed information on expressing breastmilk such as top tips, expressing when at home, storing breastmilk and feeding your baby expressed breastmilk please click here

Mixed Feeding and Bottle Feeding

Some parents decide that a combination of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding will work best for them. For more information regarding mixed feeding and bottle feeding please click here.

How do I feed more than one baby?

 Having multiples can be challenging. Talking through your  feeding choices with your healthcare professionals and your partner can help you feel more confident that the choices you are making work best for you and your babies.   You can also contact Twinline or Tamba Breastfeeding peer supporters to help you work through your options. 


Whatever method you choose, there are three basic approaches provided your babies are healthy and putting on weight:

1. Follow your babies’ cues and feed each baby, as and when each baby seems hungry.

2. If one baby wakes up for a feed, feed that baby, then wake the other baby for a feed.

3. If one baby wakes up for a feed, wake the other(s) and feed all the babies at once.

If your babies are born early, are unwell or are not putting on weight then ask your health professional for guidance on how and when to feed your babies.

Some parents find that developing a routine of some sort works well for them and their babies, while others find they prefer to 'go with the flow' - it's your choice.



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