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Having twins or more? Where are you on Tamba's 5 steps?

If you’ve just found out that you are expecting multiples, you’ll probably have lots of questions! Tamba’s 5 steps to preparing for multiples helps you navigate your way through your multiple birth pregnancy journey.

Infographic - Tamba's 5 steps to preparing for multiples

Step 1: Register

Tamba has a huge range of resources that are available to you for free when you register with us. From information guides on staying health during your pregnancy, through to videos on breastfeeding, once you have registered with us for free you’ll be able to download/access these valuable resources.

It’s easy to register, you just need to let us know your name and email address. If you wish to receive monthly updates on your babies’ development via our pregnancy countdown tool, please provide us with your due date too and we can ensure that you are receiving relevant information. Click here to register.

Step 2: Twinline

We know that being pregnant with multiples can be daunting, emotional and sometimes worrying. Whether you are looking for some specific information regarding multiple birth pregnancies or require a supportive listening ear, Twinline, our Freephone helpline service is available 365 days a year. All of our trained volunteers are parents of multiples.

Twinline Freephone  number is  0800 138 0509. Twinline is open everyday from 10am to 1pm and from 7pm to 10pm.

Step 3: Access resources

Healthy Multiple Pregnancy GuideNow that you have registered with Tamba, you are able to access a large range of free resources. We recommend downloading the Healthy Pregnancy guide for information and tips on staying healthy throughout your pregnancy. In addition we have guides on Preparing for parenthood, neonatal care, twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome and postnatal depression. Also take a look at our video resources on expecting more than one, giving birth to more than one and breastfeeding more than one.

Please also come and find us on our social media channels. Our facebook and twitter pages provide the opportunity to interact with other parents of multiples as well as staying up to date with all things multiples related!

Step 4: Courses

Tamba runs antenatal course specifically tailored for expectant multiple birth parents. We run two hour Preparing for Parenting Survival courses as well as a more in-depth one day intensive antenatal course. These courses provide you with the opportunity to meet other expectant multiple birth parents in your area and ask any questions that you may have regarding preparing for the arrival of your babies.

Step 5: Become a member of the Tamba family

Become a member of Tamba and enjoy access to a great range of benefits. Members receive access to all of our guides and video resources, discounts with over 100 companies, including Clarks, as well a copy of our highly popular quarterly magazine, Multiple Matters. Not only do you get all these great benefits but being part of the Tamba family helps us pay for our vital support services, research and campaigns.


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Twinline 0800 138 0509. Free support and advice for people expecting twins or already looking after twins.


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 Preparing for parenthood - A guide for parents expecting twins, triplets or more


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