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Casting Requests 

If you're looking for multiples to cast in a movie, tv show, radion show or any other media, we can help you through our Family Finder request. We will use our extensive social media to try and match your request. Please contact us via email on pressoffice@tamba.org.uk or call the Tamba office on 01252 332 344.

Please note, we cannot guarantee you a response to your enquiry. This process involves Tamba as a charity in administration and staffing costs and because of this you will be invoiced for £40, plus VAT, irrespective of whether the search is successful or not and whether you choose to use the people who contact you or not. It is also helpful to our members if you include a short desription with your form of what you need, how long you will need the family for etc. so we can include this in out postings.

Click here to download a copy of our Family Finder form. 



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