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1st July 2019

Parents urged to reach out and seek help during twins, triplets and more week

13th April 2019

Tamba backs programme which helps reduce the number of premature babies who develop cerebral palsy

5th April 2019

World-first maternity project could save babies’ lives and the NHS £8 million 

27th February 2019

A SAWBRIDGEWORTH company has raised more than £12,000 for a national charity that helps parents of twins, triplets or more.

25th February 2019

Tamba becomes the first UK charity to adopt a new policy for parents of premature babies.

10th January 2019

Rise in multiple stillbirths as a proportion of all stillbirths is a wake-up call for the Department of Health and NHS England.

18th December 2018

NHS staff praise pioneering maternity programme which faces uncertain future

27th November 2018

Top UK professor warns government not to be complacent following the recent drop in twin stillbirths

24th July 2018

55 baby deaths could be prevented every year if all maternity units in England followed NICE guidelines on twin, triplet and more pregnancies.

18th July 2018

Tamba's statement responding to the ONS figures released today on the Births and Deaths in England and Wales for 2017

29th June 2018

Tamba wants to reach out to families of multiples to assure them they are not alone and if they are in crisis to get in touch

15th June 2018

Stillbirth rate in twins cut by almost half – The most rapid drop in stillbirths in any population, since records began.

4th June 2018

Expectant parents will now get a package of care at Cambridge University Hospital tailored especially to them. 

16th April 2018

Tamba congratulates Chris Evans  - star says family are expecting twins on Radio 2

14th March 2018

Bliss and Tamba’s joint statement on latest neonatal death statistics in England and Wales

27th February 2018

Twin dad Steven tackles third and final marathon

7th December 2017

Scar on heart is reminder of twin sister – TTTS Awareness Day, England case study
Identical twin boys are mum’s “wee miracles” – TTTS Awareness Day, Scotland case study

28th November 2017

Tamba, Bliss and Tommy’s joint statement on Jeremy Hunt’s “safer childbirth” pledge

15th November 2017

Tamba releases new report on Twin Pregnancy and Neonatal Care in England.

Click here for the press release. Click here to read the full report.

16th October 2017

ONS figures show dramatic decrease in twin and triplet stillbirths

9th October 2017

Triplet mum shares her story for Baby Loss Awareness Week

9th October  2017

Baby Loss Awareness Week 2017 

9th October 2017

Baby Loss Awareness Week 2017 - Scotland

10th August 2017

Tamba reacts to the publication of the National Maternity and Perinatal Audit (NMPA)

31st July 2017

World’s first twins scanned with new charts born via c-section in London

6th July 2017

World’s first scan using twin pregnancy growth charts

6th July 2017

World’s first scan using twin pregnancy growth charts – press release for health/medical media

22nd June 2017

Tamba statement in response to the report on 'Stillbirth and neonatal death rates for local areas and individual NHS trusts and health boards across the UK'

29th May 2017

Tamba offers some "top tips" on naming twins to Beyonce, George Clooney and all expectant parents.

15th May 2017

Couple who lost twin boys after TTTS complications fundraise for Tamba's TTTS Registry.

20th April 2017

Latest ONS figures show infant and neonatal mortality rates have increased in England and Wales – Tamba statement

6th April 2017

Tamba supporter Emma Dutton is raising money for our TTTS Registry after her twin boys were diagnosed with the condition. Sadly one of them passed away.

31st March 2017

Tamba has today congratulated Anton Du Beke and his partner Hannah Summers on the safe arrival of their twins – a boy and a girl – and offered some essential tips for those looking after newborns.

28th February 2017

Photographs taken inside the womb of baby twins at 20 weeks - These incredible pictures show identical twin boys inside the womb at just 22 weeks old.

13th February 2017

Love letters to melt your heart this Valentines Day - The collection of letters has been put together for our #lovemultiples month of celebrating all things twins and triplets and to raise awareness of our Big Research Appeal.

20th January 2017

Statement on Scottish Maternity and Neonatal Care Report. - Tamba's press statement about the Scottish Governments five year plan for maternity and neonatl services

7th December 2016

TTTS Awareness Day. Famous Newcastle landmarks will shine their lights blue tonight thanks to a fundraising mum from Ashington. 

6th December 2016

TTTS Registry. London hospitals have teamed up to help save the lives of identical twins diagnosed with a life-threatening condition in the womb. 

7th November 2016

Tamba is supporting Multiple Births Awareness Week. The week has been launched by the International Council of Multiple Birth Organisations and runs from 7-13 November 2016.

21st October 2016

Tamba reacts to ONS figures on multiple births rising

10th June 2016

Norland College press release: Volunteer Norland Nanny receives award from multiples charity at graduation in Bath Abbey

29th April 2016

Twins’ and triplets’ lives may be at risk because of a lack of specialist care

9th March 2016

Growing recognition of the urgent need for better care for multiple pregnancies

27th November 2015 

Postcode lottery of NHS maternity care for twins, triplets and higher multiples puts babies’ lives at risk across the country

19th November 2015

Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba) statement in response to the release of today’s report MBRRACE-UK 2015: Perinatal Confidential Enquiry: term, singleton, normally-formed, antepartum stillbirth

8th October 2015 

Office of National Statistics (ONS) publish data showing multiple births are on the rise. Tamba calls for care pathways to be put in place for multiple births as part of the NHS England maternity review 

29th June 2015

Multiple birth families are disadvantaged due to a lack of government policy on classroom placements 

10th June 2015

A twin, triplet or higher order multiple dies every day in the UK according to damning report released today

23rd March 2015

Maternity units are encouraged to adopt NICE guidelines to help save multiple birth babies’ lives and reduce costs to the NHS

18th September 2014
First ever UK health visitor for twins takes up post in Southern Area

17th July 2014
Britain’s poshest nannies’ help families with twins, triplets and more in crisis

21st November 2013
Tamba Statement on Today's Release of ONS statistics which showed multiple births decreased in 2012 

16th November 2013
Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba) celebrate their 35th anniversary 

18th September 2013
Twins’ and triplets’ lives may be at risk because of lack of specialist care

1st July 2013
Multiple birth children experience the ultimate bond 




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