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With your help we have achieved great things in 2017. So we wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU! See how your support has helped.

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Thank you for your support in 2016

With your help we achieved great things last year. Watch our video below to hear about Tamba's work this year in 2016. 

Looking back on 2015 

Last year was a huge year for Tamba. We commissioned more research to save the lives of multiple birth babies, launched a campaign to improve maternity care, and introduced new resources to reach more families than ever before. But we couldn't have done any of this without your support. We want to thank all our members, trustees and volunteers, everyone who donated to us, and all the people who ran, walked, swam or took a challenge event for Tamba. In the video below, Tamba Chair of Trustees and mum of twins, Julia Davenport looks at what Tamba achieved in 2015 and talks about our plans for 2016 and beyond. 


Our success stories

This year, through our campaigns, research and support services, we have improved the lives of multiple birth families in the UK and internationally. Here are some of the successes we had in 2015...

√ Thanks to donations from our supporters, we were able to fund the creation of the first twin to twin transfusion syndrome registry anywhere in the world. The registry will collect data on what does and doesn’t work when it comes to treating the disease,

√ Launched #2expectmore, our ongoing campaign to ensure all maternity units across the UK implement clinical best practice around multiple pregnancies,

√ Launched the Big Research Appeal. Donations to this appeal will fund clinical research grants into studies of the risks associated with multiple pregnancies and births. The program will be conducted in partnership with the British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society (BMFMS),

√ School admission code in England incorporates long term campaign aim to improve flexibility around starting dates for summer born and premature multiples,

Report published on the problem of a lack of parental involvement in school classroom placement decisions. Government issues direction stating that schools must not have a blanket policy,

√ Launched our new discounter scheme, Multiple Savings, to help our members save more than ever before. Tamba members now have access to over 100 UK discounters,

√ New Tamba resources produced to better support partners, grandparents and same-sex parents. We also introduced additional resources for triplet and higher multiple parents,

√ Launched a range of support webinars which can be purchased online to listen to at a time of your convenience. Webinars launched in 2015 include: The Twin Connection - Making Educated Decisions About Raising Multiples (for parents with multiples of all ages); Ask the Midwife (which answers FAQs about multiple pregnancy); Behaviour and Parenting webinar (to help parents of multiples aged 1-8 respond to common behavioural problems); Multiple Choices Webinar (to ease the stress of choosing schools for your twins or more); The Same But Different- Q&A (for parents with teen or adult multiples, and for multiples aged 16+),

√ Over 15,000 families are now Tamba members.

Our success in numbers

In 2015 we connected with more families than ever before, through our website, resources and services. Here are the stats from this year...   

√ 1,642,800 page views on our website, and over 692,000 visits, 

√ 60,000 families received parenting information via our magazines, e-newsletters and publications, 

√ Over 100,000 free resources distributed,

√ 15,315 families paid a subscription to be a member of Tamba, which is an increase of over 1,600 on the previous year,

√ 11,500 estimated multiple pregnancies in the UK,

√ 3,443 participants received detailed support at a parenting class,

√ 1,304 families received support via Twinline our freephone helpline, our support groups and consultants’ service,

√ 66 families received 1,600 hours of support through our Helping Hands service, which helps families with multiples in crisis,

√ Our new website, which contains more content and better functionality, has been used by over 750,000 visitors in the past three years,

√ We created new guides and videos with over 60,000 families using these resources,

√ We provided more varied services, with nearly 4,500 people accessing detailed help via: Twinline; our specialist consultant service and support groups; our breastfeeding peer supporters’ service; and our bereavement befrienders.

Our past achievements 

It's not just 2015 that's been a big year for Tamba. Over the past years, with your help, we've been able to improve the lives of multiple birth families in the UK and overseas. Here are some of the highlights from 2008 to 2014... 


Through our campaigns, research and support services, we have improved the lives of multiple birth families in the UK and internationally. Here are some of the successes Tamba has had so far...

√ Our Beanstalk fundraising campaign raised £30,000 to create the world’s first twin pregnancy growth charts, which have been produced by the team at St George’s Hospital in London,

√ A trial health visitor scheme for families with multiples was launched by the Minister for Health in the Southern Trust area of Northern Ireland. Carmel Hamill is employed as the area's midwife for multiples,

√ NICE issued multiple pregnancy quality standards for service commissioners to use, to ensure the correct services are being delivered.

√ We launched our Helping Hands project to give practical help in the home to families in crisis. Tamba provided over 1,600 hours of direct care during the first year. 

√ We have seen all the main political parties support measures for a greater proportion of our families’ childcare costs to be met.

√ The Government have confirmed paternity leave for dads of multiples will be reviewed,

√ Issued reports outlining our families’ experience of maternity services, childcare and maternity/paternity leave. This research has been used to inform government policy.


√ Recruited and trained breastfeeding peer supporters to provide assistance for mothers of multiples,

√ Reissued our Breastfeeding More than One guide,

√ Celebrated 25th anniversary of our Freephone helpline – Twinline. By 2013 the service had helped over 30,000 callers, 

√ The Scottish National Party (SNP) conference agreed to increase the financial support for multiple birth families,

√ Established twins clinics in Northern Ireland with classes on preparing for parenthood, good enough parenting, safe sleeping and exercise for multiples,

√ School admissions code in Wales was updated to enable multiple birth children to attend the same school.


√ We successfully campaigned for the Surestart maternity grant to be restored for multiple birth families who have multiples as a result of a second or subsequent birth,

√ School admissions codes in England were updated to enable multiple birth children to attend the same school,

√ Produced a Movement for Multiples exercise programme aimed at improving the development of multiple birth babies and young children,

√ Delivered our first half-day breastfeeding multiples course, 

√ Liberal Democrats' conference called for more support for families with multiples.


√ The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) met a longstanding Tamba campaign goal by issuing multiple pregnancy guidance for patients and clinical teams,  

√ Chief schools adjudicator carried out a national investigation into our concerns that the admissions code makes it more difficult for multiple birth children to find suitable school places.  


√ First ever parliamentary debate on schooling multiples takes place, brought forward by Sir Bob Russell MP, 

√ Parenting expert Dr Carol Cooper helps to produce and deliver a low cost two hour Practical Preparing for Parenthood ‘Survival’ class,

√ We commissioned and paid for the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit (NPEU) to conduct a study into the maternity care of women having a multiple birth,

√ We produced new guides on twin to twin transfusion syndrome and neonatal care,

√ We commissioned and published a report by the New Policy Institute into the potential consequences that the benefit proposals being considered by parliament could have on multiple birth families. The findings of this report were debated at length during deliberation of the Welfare Reform Bill 2010 and we took a delegation to meet the minister and officials to discuss our concerns, 

√ We were invited to join the Department of Education’s fair access consultative group to consider and input into the draft school admissions code for England.  


√ Set up antenatal classes attuned to the needs of expectant multiple birth parents,  

√ Commissioned and published a report into the financial and social circumstances of multiple birth families. This was based on Government data sets, and conclusively found that our families, on average, had: lower household incomes; were more likely to be behind on their household bills; found parenting more stressful, and were more likely to separate or divorce,  

√ Published our research into the educational opportunities of multiple birth children. These findings were published in in tandem with a media and lobbying campaign,  

√ Addressed the additional health risks associated with multiple pregnancies by publishing a new and unique ‘Healthy Multiple Pregnancy’ guide,  

√ NHS launched a new Toolkit for High Quality Neonatal Services which included an explicit suggestion that mothers' and babies should be kept together in the same hospital during their admission.  


√  Undertook detailed research into the health and lifestyle experiences of our families and over 1,400 families replied. The resulting report has been used for campaigning and to further tailor our services,  

√ Held a range of events to celebrate our 30th anniversary year, including teaming up with and providing financial support to over 50 twins clubs who held parties attended by almost 1,000 families. We also arranged for over 100 discounted days out for our members across the country.  


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