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1) Swing High Swing Low

Hold your child firmly and swing him or her through the air from side to side, from back to front and up and down.

2) Roly Poly

Place your child on his or her tummy with the arms gently over the roll and push him or her backwards and forwards whilst providing support to the thighs and pelvis.

3) Who am I?

Lie your child on his or her back. Support one arm and gently pat underneath the arm from the shoulder to the hand. Guide the child’s hand to his or her face and then do gentle stroking movements. Repeat with the other arm.

4) Ball skills

Lie your child on the ball on the back. Hold the thighs firmly. Bend the legs up while moving the ball from back to front.

5) At arms length

Lie your child on the back.  Hold one hand and move it slowly in towards the child’s eyes and then back again.  Repeat several times before using the other hand.  Then use both hands together.  Finally raise the child’s hands above the chest, extend them up and then out to each side at shoulder level.  Bring back to centre and repeat several times.

6) Pedal pushing

Lie the child on the back with arms stretched out sideways with a toy or mobile suspended above his or her tummy. Hold the child’s hands and draw his or her attention to the toy which he or she will attempt to catch with the feet. Move the toy further away to increase the difficulty.

7) Ball control

Place the child on the tummy on the ball. Push the child along on the ball, supporting the lower back. Keep a toy held just above his or her head to encourage him or her to look up.

8) Look at me

Place your child on the back on a blanket or towel.  Hold the blanket at the top near the child’s head. Pull him or her up towards you and then lower. Repeat several times.

9)  Tummy time for two

Lie your child on the tummy with arms and shoulders over the roll. Lie in front of him or her and move a toy from side to side and backwards and forwards.

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