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Movement for 12-18 month olds

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1) Pull ups

Lie your child on the back and then gently pull him or her into a seated position, then into a standing position.  Lie back down and repeat several times.  Move child’s hands out to the sides and back and then in to touch the nose when in the lying position.

2) Round we go

Kneel in front of your child and help him or her to stand holding your hands.  Gently and very slowly move round in a complete circle encouraging your child to move with you.  Repeat in the opposite direction. 

3) Obstacle course

Arrange some objects on the floor to create an obstacle course e.g. a mat, a tunnel made from a rug draped over chairs, some toys arranged in a zigzag, a roll.  Encourage your child to crawl slowly around the course.

4) Roll over

Place a towel or rug on a soft floor. Gently roll your child over and over from one end to the other and then back again. Encourage him or her to do this independently.

5) Cuddle rock

Sit on the floor with your child on your lap. Rock slowly back and forth and from side to side.

6) Jump to it

Stand in front of your child holding both hands. Help your child to jump up and down 5-10 times counting at the same time. Repeat with the eyes closed.

7) Left right

Lie your child on the back.  Kneel in front, letting the child grip your fingers.  Slowly and gently stretch both arms back behind the head, then move the arms forward.  Repeat 3-4 times. Then move the arms alternately. Gently bend up the child’s right leg and bring the left hand to touch the knee. Repeat the movement several times. Repeat with the left leg and the right hand.

8) Roll up

Sit the child on the roll. Hold the thighs firmly, then move the roll backwards and forwards slowly and gently. Be prepared to support the child as he or she moves backwards. Allow the child to move into a standing position as the roll moves forward.

9) Gripper

Get some different size balls. Let your child experiment with gripping the balls and then dropping them into the bowl

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