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Movement for 18 month to three years old

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18 months – 3 Years

1) Wild Adventure

Go down on all fours and encourage your child to crawl around the room after you. Develop a story as you go including elements such as climbing a hill, walking through trees, crawling through a tunnel, running away from a bear. Try and vary the speed and type of movement and position of the body.

2) Don’t fall in

Tell your child to imagine he or she is standing by a hole in the ground. Stand with both feet together and jump across the hole, then back. Repeat several times. Then walk around the hole slowly a few times and hop across it backwards and forwards. Go down on the ground next to the hole and roll into a tight ball. Then lie on the back with eyes closed. Do a touch count from 1-20.

3) Tummy roll

Place your child on the ball on the tummy. Roll the ball forwards and backwards and side to side. Encourage your child to focus on an object held in front and to the side. Repeat several times. Extend the movements, pretend to fly.

4) Sausage roll

Place your child on his or her back on a soft surface with feet together and hands clasped above the head. Roll over and over in one direction and then back again. Repeat several times. Then do the roll with the eyes closed. At first the child may need to be helped with the roll.

5) Rollercoaster

Place your child on his or her back along the roll. Support firmly. Roll from side to side, first with eyes open, then eyes closed. Start slowly and gradually increase the speed of the movement. Repeat with child on their front. Vary the speed of the movements.

6) The Clock

Get your child to stand with his or her feet slightly apart, arms by the side. Move the top part of the body from side to side in time with a clock ticking. Repeat several times. Then rock from back to front in the same rhythm. Repeat several times. Circle the arms in time with the clock. Do the exercise first with eyes open and then eyes closed.

7) Time to rock

Get your child to lie on his or her back with arms around the knees. Help him or her to rock forwards and backwards and side to side. Repeat several times with eyes open and then with eyes closed. At the end of the exercise, encourage your child to lie back and relax. Touch different parts of the body while counting one to ten.

8) Shake it all about

Get your child to lie on his or her back with the eyes closed. Tell them to concentrate on different parts of their body and to shake them gently. (Younger children may need help with locating the body part) Move down the body from head to feet. After a part has been shaken, pause before moving on.

9) Roll, roll, roll the roll

Using the exercise roll, lie across it, along it, sit astride it, put it under the legs, under the forearms and roll backwards and forwards, varying the pace of the movements.

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