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How can you get involved?

Looking for a challenge?


Run, swim, walk, cycle...or for the very brave skydiving! Whatever you decide to do, we'd love to hear from you and support you with your challenge.

If you're looking for inspiration, read how our superstar fundraisers have been raising money for Tamba's research...

Jos' Triple Bike Ride

Twins Elliot and Barney were born prematurely at 28 weeks after being diagnosed with TTTS 11 weeks earlier. Read why Jos chose to support Tamba on his rides here.

Eilidh and Keira go the extra mile

At 3 years old, Eilidh and Keira took part in their first ever 'proper' run and were very proud to show off their medals at the end. Read more here.

Get the kids involved

Because we think research totally rocks, we would like you to help us spread the word by joining in the new craze of painting rocks. Decorate your rocks with lovely pictures, write Tamba on the back and then hide them around towns and parks for people to find and re-hide elsewhere. It's one big treasure hunt that is fun for kids and adults of all ages. You could even get a few of you together for a rock painting party.

Not only is it fun to paint and hide the rocks, it's also great to go out hunting. Don't forget to share some hints about where you have hidden yours and share your finds with us.

Tips for successful painting, hiding and hunting:

  • Be mindful and respectful of the environment
  • Don’t glue anything on that could fall off and become litter or hazards
  • Pinterest and Facebook are great places to find inspiration for artwork and creative messages.
  • Please hide your rocks safely in public places
  • This is just for fun, keep it lighthearted and share your finds

We've been busy hiding a few around the country already in Hampshire, Coventry, Birmingham and Surrey but we'd love to see them reach as far as Scotland and Northern Ireland!

Share with us

If you would like to find out more about fundraising for Tamba or want to share some exciting plans with us, please email LucieWigley@tamba.org.uk

There are lots of ways you can get involved - share your stories, set a challenge, paint rocks and of course keep us updated by sharing on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

To find out more about Research Rocks and donate please click the button below. Thanks so much for your support!

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