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Sally’s story

I have beautiful twin boys, Samuel and Miles, who were born prematurely and kept in SCBU for three weeks with various complications.

Straight after their birth (via c-section) I needed a large blood transfusion on another ward. The boys were two floors down. Having delivered two tiny babies, yet physically having them nowhere near me was incredibly unsettling and I found this experience the oddest of my life.

My husband spent the first 24 hours running between floors taking videos of Samuel and Miles (or 'Smiles' as they were named by the SCBU nurses) so tiny in their incubators. I felt very 'lost' as a new mum but the videos let me see my babies were safe and alive.  They made me feel close to them and allowed me to start bonding with them in the important early days.

When we had to go home I loathed leaving them. I remember the silent drives home with my husband and I both feeling the same way about leaving and needing to say nothing. We were on autopilot: we'd get home, rush in, feed the cat, shower, change clothes, pick up baby essentials and make sandwiches before driving back to the hospital. It was our daily routine for three weeks and looking back I realise I gave my body very little time to recover from surgery. The hardest was leaving the boys the very first time and driving home with two empty car seats in the back of the car with the neighbours expecting a bit of a homecoming...

Half of multiple births are born pre-term and sadly this contributes to a death rate much higher than that of singletons. Tamba wants to prevent premature births in multiple pregnanices and save tiny lives and has spearheaded the largest research programme of its kind. Please donate to our latest appeal to help us save more tiny babies' lives.

If you would like to fundraise please email LucieWigley@tamba.org.uk.



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