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Northern Ireland Antenatal Courses 

The course aims to provide expectant couples of multiples in Northern Ireland with information on multiple pregnancy and support and advice on health and wellbeing during pregnancy and birth. The session is delivered by a registered midwife and a Tamba NI coordinator with multiple-specific experience.  The small group numbers allow everyone to get to know one other and many stay in touch with each other after the course, finding a vital support network for when their babies are born.

What topics are covered?

  • Prenatal period - your health and making the most of your appointments, bonding, organising support, planning ahead including equipment, looking after yourself, packing your bag

  • The birth - labour, pain relief and special care

  • The early days - practical tips to prepare for your new arrivals, carrying babies, crying, breastfeeding multiples, looking after yourself, safe sleeping

  • Services offered by TAMBA - joining TAMBA, social media groups, twins clubs, resources

Course Dates

Please email KellyMcDonald@tamba.og.uk to register your interest

Unfortunately we do not have any dates available for this course. 

We will update this page as soon as we have new dates confirmed. Thanks for your interest.

Why attend a Tamba preparing for parenthood seminar?

  • Tamba is the world's leading charity which provides support to families expecting (or who have) twins, triplets or more.
  • Tamba's preparing for parenthood seminars are specially designed for those expecting more than one baby and are ALL delivered by parents of twins or triplets.
  • This seminar is Tamba's MOST POPULAR course which has been designed by Dr Carol Cooper (highly acclaimed author, GP, Tamba Honorary Consultant and mother of twins).
  • The 2 hour seminar focuses on the practical side of having multiples and covers topics such as equipment, feeding, sleeping, getting out and about and routines.
  • Excellent feedback  - 95% of previous course attendees rated this course 'very useful' or 'useful'.
  • Excellent opportunity to meet others also expecting multiples



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