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Breastfeeding Webinar

We run an hour webinar for anyone interested in breastfeeding multiples.  The webinar focuses on the challenges of breastfeeding twins and triplets and provides information specific to those challenges. Please be aware that in an hour it is not possible to cover in detail general information on how to breastfeed.

The webinars are delivered by an NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor or an NCT Breastfeeding Peer Supporter who are also mothers of multiples. The cost is £15. 

What topics are covered?

    • Is breastfeeding twins and triplets possible?

    • What if your babies are born early?

    • Feeding together or apart?

    • Latching two babies together

    • Different approaches to feeding two or three

    • Expressing and mixed feeding

    • What and where to seek support.

You can access the webinar by using your computer and speakers (you do not need a webcam) or by telephone. You can also use other devices such as iphones or ipads if you download the relevant app. Questions can be asked during the webinar via your keyboard. The session is recorded and a link to listen back will be sent out after the webinar. It is therefore not necessary to listen 'live' to the session.


  • Wednesday 25th Sept 7.45-8.45pm
  • Monday 14th October 8-9pm


Please e-mail or call the Tamba office on 01252 332344 if you have problems booking online or would rather book over the phone.  If you would like a recording of a previous session please  e-mail  

Don't just take our word for it, here's some feedback from people who have attended. 

"Very informative – I learnt more than I have read so far."

"It was a really enjoyable session, I’m so glad that I participated."

"Excellent value for money and it was great to be able to participate from the comfort of my own home."

"I found the webinar last night really useful. Loads of information and sources of further information, 
and it was great to hear it from someone who's been through it. I think webinars are a really useful thing to do - we use them loads at work for training and sharing info, and it's a great way of getting info to a range of people around the country. Much more convenient than booking onto a course and having to travel somewhere, especially when you live somewhere like I do that's miles away from anywhere!"

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