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Weaning Webinar

Tamba’s NEW weaning webinar aims to answer the questions that many parents of multiples ask in respect of weaning:

  • When should I introduce solids – breakfast, lunch dinner?
  • How often do my babies need solids in the first few weeks of weaning?
  • Where should I feed my babies?
  • When will my babies be on 3 meals a day?
  • When will my babies start using a spoon?
  • What should I do if my baby/babies are not interested in food?
  • When should I introduce – wheat, dairy, eggs, chlcken/red meat, fish?
  • What foods should I avoid?
  • What are the challenges of weaning two or more babies?
  • Weaning Top Tips including coping with the mess

This webinar is designed for parents who have twins, triplets or more aged from 3-6 months who will be thinking of weaning in the next few months, or who have recently made a start.

Topics covered include:

  • Why do we wean?
  • When to start weaning
  • Baby-led vs purees
  • Weaning steps
  • What if my babies were premature?
  • Signs of hunger & fullness
  • How much food is enough?
  • Multiple specific challenges
  • Milk feeds & weaning

Our presenter is Frances Healer RD. Frances is a qualified dietitian and a parent of multiples.

Webinar dates:

  • Wednesday 18th September 7.30-8.45pm
  • Wednesday 11th December 7.30-8.45pm

The cost is £15

If you have any problems booking, or would rather book over the phone, please e-mail or call the Tamba office on 01252 332344

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