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Breastfeeding twins or more - our peer supporters' scheme

Tamba has a team of NCT accredited peer supporters who have all breastfed twins and can offer mother-to-mother information and support to families who wish to breastfeed their twins, triplets or higher multiples. They have all completed the NCT's accredited peer support training.

If you would like to have contact with a Peer Supporter, please e-mail tambabreastfeeding@gmail.com and one of the team will contact you as soon as they are able to. They are happy to contact you by phone, email or text- please let hem know what you prefer. This is a free service.

Please note that the Peer Supporters are all volunteers and they will aim to get back to you within 48 hours. If you need to speak to someone urgently, call Twinline: 0800 138 0509 (freephone) which is open every day from 10am

This is a confidential service, and peer supporters will not share any of your personal details with anyone.  However, in order to evaluate and improve the service, Tamba would like to occasionally send short surveys to the e-mail addresses from which we have received messages.  If you would rather not be contacted this way, please let the Peer Supporters know.


Do you need a translator? 

If you want to find out more about Tamba's support services, but struggle with English, we can provide you with an interpreter to help you access this service. All you have to do is call the office, or get someone to call on your behalf, on 01252 332344 and request a translator. From there we will then organise a time and date to give you a call with a translator on the line. Tamba’s translation services are provided by LanguageLine Solutions. who can translate into over 180 different languages. See our translation page for more information.

Feedback about the service

"Knowing someone was there who has been through the trials of brestfeeding twins is a big help. I needed help at a weekend and was amazed at how swiftly the response came back. It just helped me calm and refocus and we are still exclusively feeding at almost 15 weeks."

"The peer supporter was lovely to correspond with and she got back to me so quickly. Sometimes you just need a bit of encouragement and she provided that."

"Excellent service. Someone called me back promptly and could hear babies crying so rearranged another time and followed up. A kind, professional peer able to empathise and share her experience of mixed feeding. Made all the difference to hear I was doing the right things and just had to persevere. Can't thank you enough."

"The support I received from the peer supporter was the most help with our breastfeeding journey. I contacted the peer supporters when I was at a low point and received a call back very quickly on the same day. The advice I received helped me feel considerably more positive and took away the feeling that I was at a feeding decision point. The peer supporter had a lovely telephone manner and was kind, chatty, good at listening and also good at chatting while I felt upset. Overall I think the service was invaluable and am so grateful that I used it."


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 Twinline 0800 138 0509. Free support and advice for people expecting twins or already looking after twins.