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Hannah's story

Hannah’s twins Isabel and Matilda were four months old, and getting them to sleep was proving to be a nightly trial.

“Obviously babies are going to be up during the night, especially when there’s two of them,” Hannah said.

“But even though my husband was helping me, we’d had a really bad week. Every two hours they were up and they kept waking my little three year old up as well. Trying to get the three of them to settle again was a nightmare.”

It was after a particularly difficult night that Hannah picked up the phone and called Twinline. She said it was a huge relief to talk to someone outside of the situation.


“As soon as someone started talking to me, the flood gates opened. She said ‘are you alright?’ and that was it, I started to cry. I told her what was going on and she was incredibly helpful. She explained that they’re at this age where they’re going to start waking up a bit more and that was normal,” Hannah said.

“I must have been on the phone for at least half an hour, and she was just lovely. It wasn’t like anything really bad had happened, but at the time, it felt like it was the end of the world.

"You love them to bits. Having twins is the best thing ever and it’s been such a wonderful experience. But sleep deprivation is a killer.”

Hannah found it very comforting to know she was talking to a mother of multiples, who would understand exactly where she was coming from.

“As much as my family are there for me, they haven’t done it before. We’ve had no experience with multiples in our family,” she said.

“When you are up on your own up late and night you start to think you are the only one in this situation. It’s just nice to know there’s someone there who knows what you’re going through.”

The support the Twinline listener gave Hannah on sleeping has proven invaluable, and she now has her twins in a good routine.

“They’re seven months old now and they sleep six until six. It took me a long time to crack it, but I knew I had to do what the Twinline listener had said. She told me it was about perseverance, keeping calm and having breaks from it, where you get someone else to look after them if it becomes too much. Things are much better now,” Hannah said.

Although she’s no longer having issues with her twins sleeping, Hannah said it was a real comfort to know Twinline was there and she could ring them again if she needed. 

“It’s just nice to know that if you call, someone will pick up the phone and listen,” Hannah said. 

Sleeping issues are just one of the many topics our Twinline listeners can help with. You can call them to discuss anything multiples related, or if you just need a listening ear after a long day.

Twinline is staffed purely by other mothers of multiples and is open from 10am until 1pm and 7pm until 10pm everyday on 0800 138 0509 (Freephone). 




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