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Joanna's story

Joanna had just come back from holiday with her husband and 5 month old twins Sophie and George. During the vacation she had problems feeding and the twins had fallen out of their routine.

Needing some reassurance, she picked up the phone to Twinline.

“Sophie and George were unhappy and unsettled and I was dreading my husband going back to work. I was wondering if I was being the best mum possible to them. I remember I was crying when I called, and my husband was holding my hand so I didn’t have any excuse!” Joanna said.

“The lady I spoke to was very understanding and a very good listener. She just reassured me that five to six months can be quite a difficult time. I think the best thing was that she made me laugh and I really found that helpful, because it did put everything into perspective. I remember hanging up the phone and thinking ‘right you’re going to do this; you’re going to be fine. My husband is going back to work and I’m going to be able to go back to what it was before.’ And it was ok, he went back to work and the world didn’t end.” 

Six months later she phoned the number again, as her son George was having a difficult time with teething.

“I just wanted reassurance that it was normal and to know if there was anything I could do. It was, as I expected, very helpful,” Joanna said.

She said one of the big advantages of Twinline was that it was staffed by mothers of multiples.

“When you speak to mums who have got single children, or even more than one child at different ages, it’s never the same as having twins. I really think that having someone who has experience is very helpful,” Joanna said.

But she said she understood why some mums of multiples found it difficult to pick up the phone and call Twinline.

“I used to be very nervous about speaking to anyone on the phone and, I think as a twin mum, you feel an awful lot of pressure to know what to do all the time. I do think people feel that even more than mums with a single child. Twin mums are expected to be in a routine and I think they put a lot of pressure on themselves,” Joanna said.

“So when the routine goes out the window they panic and they don’t know how to ask for support. They need to have the confidence to pick up the phone and talk- because the person on the other end of the line is going to help them and not judge.”

Twinline is open between 10am and 1pm and 7pm and 10pm every day on 0800 138 0509 or email asktwinline@tamba.org.uk.



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