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Linsey’s story

Lynsey Hay and her fiancé Anthony Drake were nervous but delighted when they were told they were expecting identical twins. But the news was tinged with sadness when medical staff explained the twins risked developing TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome). Click here to read Lynsey's story.

Eve’s story

A survivor twin will forever remember her sister by the scar their joint illness left on her heart. Abby and Elly Read were identical twins who suffered from TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome) when they were still inside the womb. Click here to read Eve's story.
Please note Eve's story contains a bereavement.

Lindsey’s story

Lindsey raised an amazing £545 while looking after her newborn baby Harper, who was two months premature and spent weeks receiving specialist care in hospital. But while she faced the challenges that every new parent faces – getting to grips with nappy changes and feeding schedules – Lindsey knew it should have been double the workload, double the nappies and double the babies.  Click here to read Lindsey's story. 

Sarah’s story

After discovering she was pregnant with identical twins, Sarah’s pregnancy journey became a fight for the lives of her twin boys. It was at her 20 week scan at her local hospital, that alarm bells first started ringing. Click here to read Sarah's story. 

Hayley's story

Hayley's pregnancy went smoothly for the first few weeks. Both babies looking healthy at her 15 week scan. But by 17 weeks, things had changed dramatically and she was diagnosed with severe twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). Please note, this story features bereavment and medical complications. Click here to read Hayley's story.







Danielle's story

Danielle shares her TTTS journey in her own words. She was diagnosed with the condition at 17 weeks  and her girls fought hard to survive. Unfortunately, Jessica fell at the last hurdle and became a TTTS angel. Please note this story features bereavement and medical complications. Click here to read Danielle's story.






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