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Useful Resources

Below are some of the charities and organisations we work with which may also be helpful to you. These organisations may be useful to you as you consider your options for the variety of challenges that face parents expecting multiples

Antenatal Screening and Testing

Antenatal Resources and Choices (ARC)


Autism Meet Ups

The National Autistic Society 


Tamba Bereavement Support

Lone Twin Network 

Lullaby Trust

Stillborn and Neonatal Death (Sands)

Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding facilities in UK and Irish airports

The Breastfeeding Network

La Leche League articles

NCT Breastfeeding Helpline

Bronchiolitis/Lung conditions

More than a Cold

British Lung Foundation 


Family and Child Care Trust

Norland Agency

Childcare Courses with Baby Em

Cord blood banking

Cord Blood Aware

Domestic violence and abuse

National Abuse and Domestic Violence Helpline

NSPCC- The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children


Twins and Multiples at School

Fertility Support

Infertility Network UK

Chana- supports couples in the Jewish community in the UK who are facing the challenges of infertility


Citizens Advice Bureau

Buttle UK Family Fund (grants for families with disabled children)

Inland Revenue

Jobcentre Plus


Food Banks

Trussell trust

Health Advice

BootsWebMD Children’s and parenting centre


Hypnotherapy directory

Legal Support

Citizen Advice Bureau 


We are family- magazine for LGTBI people in a family context 

Maternity Support

Doula UK

Mental Health


Dads suffering PND



PANDA (pre and postnatal depression advice and support)

PND Support Groups

Multiple births organisations

The Multiple Births Foundation

The Irish Multiple Births Association

The Australian Multiple Births Association

Multiples NZ

Multiple Births Canada

The National Organisation of Mothers of Twins Clubs (USA)

International Council of Multiple Birth Organisations (ICOMBO)

Czech and Moravian Twins and Multiple Births Clubs

Nordic Twinnet

Finnish Multiple Births Association

Federation Jumeaux et Plus (France)

ABC Club (Germany)

Ikresek (Hungary)

Twins and Triplets Association (Israel)

Italian Parents of Twins and Multiples Association

Japanese Association of Twins' Mothers

Association de Nacimientos Multiples (Mexico)

Norwegian Multiple Birth Organization

Multiple Birth Club (Puerto Rico)

The South African Multiple Births Association

Partos Multiples (Spain) 

Multiple Birth Foundation of Sri Lanka

Swedish Twin Society

Association Jumeaux (Switzerland)

One Parent Families


Parenting Information & Organisations (General)

Action for Children


Parentline Plus

Family and Parenting Institute

Parenting UK

Made for Mums (parenting website)

Brake (Road safety charity) 

Practical support

Doula UK


Surestart Children's Centres

4Children- to help find your local children's centres and family services




One Plus One



International Society for Twins Studies

Twin Research & Genetic Epidemiology Unit at St Thomas' Hospital

Special needs

CarersUK (supporting carers) 

Connect a Family

Contact a Family

Disabled parents network

Family Fund (grants for families with disabled children)


Rainbow Trust- for parents with a seriously ill child/children 



Lullaby Trust 

Speech and Language


I Can


Breastfeeding facilities in UK and Irish airports

Triplets and Higher Multiples

Mothers of Supertwins

The Triplet Connection


CLAPA- cleft and life palate association

Rainbow Trust- for parents with a seriously ill child/children 

SSAFA- support for families of service/ex service members

UK Youth- young parents and people support 


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