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How your twins and triplets can avoid winter illnesses

When winter arrives and the heating turns up, cold and flu season begins. Premature babies can find it difficult to fight off coughs and colds, and multiples are particularly at risk with half of twin pregnancies and 98.5 per cent of triplets born before full term.  This winter we’re campaigning to raise awareness of Respiratory Syncytial Virus, which causes Bronchiolitis. Every year around 30,000 infants in the UK are hospitalised with RSV.

Doctor Carol Cooper is a G.P. and mother of twins and she's got some great advice about how to minimise your babies' risk of getting ill this winter. Below she discusses some of the more common winter illnesses and symptoms including: coughs and colds; high temperatures; bronchiolitis and bacterial meningitis.


Mother Laura talks about her experience of looking after her premature twins when they contracted bronchiolitis. She discusses what symptoms to look out for and gives some tips on looking after children with bronchiolitis. Thankfully Laura's children are doing well. Some parents report long term breathing difficulties as a result of bronchiolitis.



As well as working to raise awareness of RSV, Tamba has partnered with a number of other UK charities to promote the More Than a Cold campaign. For more information, click on the guides below so you can recognise when it's more than a cold.




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